Scholes on Fernandes: "He's better than me, but also different."

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Scholes on Fernandes: "He's better than me, but also different."

A difficult period is behind Manchester United fans. At least that's how it seems since the arrival of Bruno Fernandes. The Portuguese arrived at Old Trafford in January this year, a team that has played too often in the Europa League in previous years, for a start, in its first half of the season, they returned to the top four.

In the middle of this, it seems, among the candidates for the title, and although many will not agree - primarily because of the fragile defense - the numbers speak for themselves. With a victory in the remaining game, United would approach the leading Liverpool with only two points.

Few people in England remained indifferent to the games of United's midfielder. Paul Scholes, the legendary football player of the red part of Manchester, is not in that minority either. Moreover, he praises him with all his mouth, even emphasizing that the Portuguese is better than him.

Scholes on Fernandes

"He's better than me, but also different. He scores more goals than me, he creates more chances. I'd like to play with him, probably behind him. He was sensational, he makes a huge difference.

Before he came to the team, United almost couldn't create a chance, and now it looks like they can score three, four, five goals in every game, "claims Scholes. The BT Sports table further supports the claims about United as a candidate for the title.

Of course, with Bruno on the team. Namely, counting only the matches since the 26-year-old midfielder arrived, only Liverpool won more points than Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team. And two more, with a game less. So, if United wins the remaining game, they would be the leader on the mentioned projected table.

Fernandes had an incredible contribution - 26 goals and 16 assists in 44 official matches. So, a goal or an assist in almost every match. "What he's doing is really phenomenal. If you look, counting exclusively the matches since he arrived, United would be on top if they win the game, with more points than Liverpool, which is hard to imagine because they had such a bad start to the season."

"Well, they thought "It's a bad start, but they're still here and they can only get better. The numbers there are just ridiculous. Let's hope it continues," Scholes said. In the end, all that could be in vain, if United does not achieve at least the Champions League.

There is a huge crowd at the top, the teams from the second to the ninth position share four points, and every mistake could cost dearly. United will meet Wolverhampton tomorrow with the intention of completing the two-month period without defeat and approaching Liverpool with only two points. There is no doubt that Fernandes will have his role in that idea.