Zinckernagel:"I get numerous calls and messages from managers and fans across Europe"

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Zinckernagel:"I get numerous calls and messages from managers and fans across Europe"

The year whose last days we are counting will be remembered as unusual for many reasons. The first association will certainly be the coronavirus pandemic, and the consequences it had on sports and football. The virus that paralyzed the world was also reflected in the domestic championships, among them the Norwegian championship, in which the planned start scheduled for March was extended, so the race for the trophy began in June.

A completely unusual situation affected most, but not Bode Glimt, a club that has achieved historic success. The company in yellow jerseys from the shadows reached the state throne and thus became a planetary football hit, and one of the heroes is the Danish offensive player Filip Zinckernagel.

The right-wing of the Norwegian champions recorded 28 games on the way to the throne, which he decorated with an impressive performance of 19 goals and 24 assists. Such statistics contributed to him being the most wanted player on the champion team, especially since he will be free from January 1.

However, the competition is strong, which the Dane himself talked about in an extensive interview for the Norwegian media. "I get numerous calls and messages from managers and fans across Europe. My Instagram profile is burning, but you should keep in mind that Turkish fans are 'crazy', they are everywhere.

They even contacted my family and friends. I saw 10-15 YouTube videos about myself, but my manager and I don't attach too much importance to that, "the 26-year-old footballer pointed out. Zinckernagel does not hide that he is most attracted to Italy and Spain, but the choice of a new club will mostly depend on the assessment of whether it will be standard.

"It will be difficult to make a decision. I like Spain and Italy, but these are two championships where it is not easy to breakthrough. The most important thing for me is to choose a club where I will play regularly. There is a lot of interest from Spain, and recently Italians are also appearing.


Hard choice

The Danish national team player is aware that he will have to choose patiently. "Spanish clubs have economic problems. Coronavirus has hit them hard and there will certainly be clubs that will sell their players richly.

That could open certain doors for me, it's just a question of how patient I will be. The more I wait, the better offers come, but there is no precise path to take in situations like this, ”Zinckernagel points out.

In addition to speaking openly about his career plans, he also gave an overview of Bodo Glimt's fantastic season. "Behind us is a completely wild season from the first round. We played great and it was easy for individuals to stand out in such circumstances.

We crossed a phenomenal path and I hope that soon we will have some time to sit down and summarize our impressions, to enjoy success a little." "It would be good if we could go on holiday," said the striker, who has been wearing the Bode Glimt jersey for three years.