Erik ten Hag reacts to Jurgen Klopp's decision to leave Liverpool

"It's great that Klopp has kept everything in his own hands to step down the moment he wanted it."- Erik ten Hag said.

by Sead Dedovic
Erik ten Hag reacts to Jurgen Klopp's decision to leave Liverpool
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The departure of Jurgen Klopp caused a large number of reactions from football coaches and experts around the world. The German expert surprised everyone with the sudden confirmation that he is leaving Liverpool at the end of the season. After nine fantastic years at Liverpool, Jurgen realized it was time to say goodbye. It is not yet known where he will continue his career, but he emphasized that he intends to rest for a while, and only then think about the next steps in his career. 

One of the options is certainly Bayern Munich. However, Klopp denied that he had any talks with the Bavarian giants. 

The departure of Klopp is good news for all coaches in the Premier League, considering the influence that Klopp had. Although most of them emphasize that there will be a void with the departure of Jurgen, the fact is that they can be happy with his decision. 

One of those who reacted was Erik ten Hag. The Dutch expert does not want to think too much about the German coach's decision. His team already has enough problems to work on in the future.

 Erik ten Hag stresses that his team must return to winning ways. After a relatively good previous season, Manchester United experienced a big decline. This season is disappointing for the team from Old Trafford. The imperative of the Red Devils is to be in the TOP 4 and secure a place that leads to the Champions League. With the current performances, there is less and less optimism that United will actually succeed in this.

"We have to look to ourselves and keep working and reconstructing this club. We know we need to be better. Last season, we were overperforming. Now we have a downfall and we have to stop this, but I think it belongs to the project."- Erik ten Hag said, as quoted by

The German expert thought carefully about his decision, and it was certainly not easy to make such a decision. When you have been on the bench of such a club for a long time, and when the fans have enormous trust in you, it is difficult to suddenly say goodbye and continue your career elsewhere.

"It's great that Klopp has kept everything in his own hands to step down the moment he wanted it, when he wanted his era to come to an end. When you're involved in top level football, I think you know that you have to prove yourself every day – and that counts for everyone who is working for this club too."

Ange Postecoglou reacts to Jurgen Klopp's decision

Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou also emphasized that he was surprised by Klopp's decision. Ange is particularly surprised considering Liverpool are doing great things this season, and are in contention for the title. Maybe this kind of decision by Klopp could spoil the atmosphere within the team, but these are only assumptions for now.

"I guess I was as surprised as anyone else because he's a top manager and they are flying at the moment," -Postecoglou said.

Ange Postecoglou
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Postecoglou, on the other hand, knows very well how much effort is necessary for your club to be at the very top, and to create a team that can do great things. Klopp has put a lot of effort into this team, but it seems that he is tired of the daily stress and pressure that comes with this job.

"But also understanding, at the back of my mind, all of us who have been in the game a while, it's the constant thought in your head because you know how much you need to put into the position. He's probably one of the unique ones; he will go down as one of the best."

Postecoglou is talking about how it's not easy to keep rebuilding teams at the same club over time. He thinks it's a challenging but normal part of the job. When he says he hopes Klopp takes a break from coaching, he means it would be good for the sport's competitiveness. 

Also, he wishes it could set an example, showing that taking a little break before jumping back into work might be a good idea. This, he believes, could be helpful for him and others when they decide to retire from the game.

This could be a great moment for other teams to make a breakthrough and try to secure the top spot for themselves. Football fans believe that Liverpool will be significantly weakened after the departure of Jurgen Klopp.

The future will best tell how much truth there is in certain predictions.

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