Benching the Maestro: Will Luka Modric accept tempting offers from Saudi Arabia?

Since the arrival of the new coach Carlo Ancelotti, the experienced midfielder Luka Modric no longer gets the chance to play

by Sededin Dedovic
Benching the Maestro: Will Luka Modric accept tempting offers from Saudi Arabia?
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Luka Modrić, an experienced Croatian midfielder, found himself in an unfamiliar position this season, with reduced playing time in Real Madrid, and the Spanish media are speculating about the reasons for his absence.

At 38, Modric's age has become the focus of debate, but it seems there is more to the story than just his age. Although he is approaching his 39th birthday in September, Modrić is still seen as a master on the field. However, current Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti seems to have a different perspective, as Modric has spent the last two LaLiga games on the bench.

In both cases against Almeria (3:2) and Las Palmas (2:1), there were unrealized opportunities for Modrić to come on as a substitute. Spanish media, including "Marca", noticed Modric's recent absence and questioned Ancelotti about the situation.

At the press conference, Ancelotti was silent for five seconds when asked why Modric did not warm up against Las Palmas. "Modric didn't warm up because..." Ancelotti began, only to pause for a few seconds before explaining: "When I'm not sure he's going to come in, I don't send him to warm up, respect him in that sense.

It's all about ok, he'll be ready for the next game." Speculation is intensifying as it becomes evident that Modrić is a victim of Real Madrid's current generational change, especially in the midfield. Rising stars like Orelijan Chuameni and Eduardo Kamavinga are getting more opportunities, leaving Modric on the sidelines.

The possibility of extending Modric's contract at Real Madrid seems less and less likely given the current circumstances. The Croatian midfielder has always maintained that he will continue to play for Madrid as long as he feels important, but this season he has seen a more sporadic role.

Despite his age, Modrić's competitive spirit remains the same as before, so every game spent on the bench is a source of frustration. Reports suggest that clubs from Saudi Arabia are closely monitoring the situation, ready to table a tempting offer. We'll see what happens, and the transfer window only lasts a few more days.

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