Mauricio Pochettino and Unai Emery's interesting statements before tonight's match

"It is clear the project of Aston Villa and that's why they are performing and winning games."- Pochettino said.

by Sead Dedovic
Mauricio Pochettino and Unai Emery's interesting statements before tonight's match
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Chelsea is far from the level at which we are used to seeing them in previous seasons. After a disappointing previous season, the London team had a disastrous start to this season as well, and will have a difficult task to secure a place that will take them to Europe. The arrival of Mauricio Pochettino caused some optimism that Chelsea could be on the right track, but the results this season are causing frustration among Chelsea fans. The fans of this club believe that Chelsea must bring in some reinforcements while the transfer window is still on. However, it seems that the leaders and manager of this team believe that the current squad has the potential to do great things. Pochettino spoke about exactly that during one of the press conferences:

"We are desperate to win a title, not to sign players - I'm happy with the squad," Pochettino said, as quoted by
"But we know the last week has the most action and we need to be ready for anything that can happen in the squad."

The London team will play against Aston Villa tonight, which looks like a completely different team since the arrival of Unai Emery. Last season they looked great and this season they have continued where they left off. Pochettino is aware that a difficult task awaits him, and that his team must give their best if they want to get a positive result. Aston Villa is at the very top of the table, and appetites are growing day by day. The Argentinian expert still hopes that his team has the qualities to fight against Aston Villa.

"They have very good players, amazing players," Pochettino said. "It is clear the project of Aston Villa and that's why they are performing and winning games.
[Their league position] doesn't surprise me. I am so happy for him and all the people involved in this project."

The FA Cup is a great chance for his team to secure a place in Europe, so Pochettino demands commitment and focus from his team. Such matches can be crucial for the future of this club. There is huge pressure on Pochettino and the players, given that this is not the standard we are used to from Chelsea.

Unai Emery reacts

Interestingly, the London team looks much better in the last few games than at the beginning of the season. Unai Emery is urging his team to be cautious, given that Chelsea are by no means a team to be underestimated. It is a club with a long history and tradition. In addition, Emery knows very well how important the FA Cup is to Chelsea, and what this victory could mean for them in the rest of the season. It is noticeable that the Blues are improving day by day. However, many feel that it is still far from Chelsea standards.

"Chelsea are developing a lot, tactically, they look comfortable now. And they are successful after reaching the final of the Carabao Cup. They are getting progressively better in the league. They are getting stronger. The development is clear, they are improving and I think this is going to be a very difficult match for us. Chelsea are contenders in this competition.”

Unai Emery
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Unai Emery had a meeting with the players where he shared the upcoming schedule for the last four months of the season. He explained that they might play around 30 matches, including those in the Europa Conference League, FA Cup, and Premier League.  

His team has ambitions to try to win at least one trophy. Emery is aware that the most difficult feat will be winning the Premier League, and he probably has no such ambition at the moment, given that Liverpool and City look far better than the rest of the league.

Emery highlighted the importance of using the best players for each game, whether it's the full 30 matches or 20 if they don't progress in the cups. He stressed the team's commitment to being competitive and improving in every match, expressing his enthusiasm for participating in different competitions as they are all significant for the team.

Aston Villa is a completely different team from the one we are used to seeing in previous seasons. The ambitions are much higher than they were, and the arrival of Emery is probably the best move for this team in the past few years. Under the guidance of this great expert, Villa could exceed the expectations of the fans and make them happy.

Tonight's match attracts the attention of all football fans, and we will see who really has more quality at this moment.

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