Mourinho: "I don't know if we deserved more than a point."

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Mourinho: "I don't know if we deserved more than a point."

Two points won out of a maximum of 12 and Tottenham lost a step behind Liverpool in the championship race in two weeks. Tottenham focused on defending their goal as many expected and it cost them to defeat. Who knows how many times Tottenham gambled the lead and now they are in a very bad series of results.

Still, Mourinho says the plan was not to defend "I didn't want to defend deep, I put Bergwijn in the game instead of Reguilon, replaced the fresh Lamella with a tired Son. Defending deep was not my intention. They know what I asked of them at halftime, if they didn't do better, it's because they couldn't I know the way I prepare the team."

"I know what I asked of the players, I know all that and I don't want to say more than that, I pay tribute to the Wolves, of course, because they put pressure on us, the pressure we handled pretty well, controlling the game very well.

But we didn't have the ambition and desire to go for more," the Portuguese told Sky Sport.

"We had 89 minutes to score another goal"

Mourinho is aware that his team had to go for the second goal, especially since he took the lead in the first minute.

"I don't know if we deserved more than a point. The best possible thing happened to us - we scored in the first minute. We had control of the game and conceded a goal after a corner. We had 89 minutes to score another goal, but we didn't."

In "normal" circumstances, a point on Molino would be satisfactory, but ... "One point against the Wolves would not usually be a bad result because they are a strong opponent. But if you score in the first minute, control the game, and have 89 minutes to score another goal, there must be a sense of frustration.

Very disappointing, just like against Liverpool, where we controlled dangerous players for 90 minutes and conceded a goal after the break, "Mourinho reminds. Tottenham is already expecting a match with Fulham on White Hart Lane in two days, where they will have the opportunity to triumphantly end 2020, but the London team can't be satisfied with their results in December.

Their only victory this month was against Stoke in the League Cup, which took them to the semifinals of the competition. But it is a small consolation for the team that stood out as a candidate for the title until two weeks ago.