Cristiano Ronaldo: The Saudi league is better than France; Neymar supported him

"In my honest opinion, I think the Saudi league is at least as good as the French league, if not better."

by Sead Dedovic
Cristiano Ronaldo: The Saudi league is better than France; Neymar supported him
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Today's football differs in many ways from football a few years ago. However, the strongest leagues in the world are still; Germany, France, England, Spain, and Italy. Every soccer player's dream is to play in one of these leagues and prove himself. Cristiano Ronaldo had the opportunity to play in the three mentioned. The Portuguese is currently a member of Al-Nassr, a team from Saudi Arabia. Although many believe that the level of football there is not great, Ronaldo denied many with his statements.

He bravely led the way by moving to Saudi Arabia, and now, a year later, Cristiano Ronaldo claims that the football league there is just as good, if not better, than the one in France. In the past year, the Saudi league has improved a lot by bringing in famous players like Riyad Mahrez, Sadio Mane, Fabinho, Aymeric Laporte, and Neymar; who also spoke positively about the league upon their arrival.

Recently, at the Globe Soccer Awards ceremony in Dubai, Ronaldo spoke about his belief in the Saudi league.

"In my honest opinion, I think the Saudi league is at least as good as the French league, if not better. The French league has two or three really good teams, while the Saudi league is more competitive. It's just my point of view, and people can have different opinions. I genuinely believe we are doing better than the French league right now. Saudi Arabia is growing, and it will take time, but step by step, they will be among the best. I am confident that the Saudi Pro League will be among the top three leagues in the world. People in Arabia will be proud," -Cristiano Ronaldo said.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo© Yasser Bakhsh / Getty Images Sport

His statements caused a large number of reactions, and many believe that the Portuguese wanted to "underestimate" the French league in this way, as well as his biggest rival Leo Messi, who had the opportunity to play for PSG. However, some believe that the Portuguese is right, given that it is noticeable that the French League is losing the status it once had. PSG, which has the best chance to win the French league, is not doing a great job in the Champions League.

Reflecting on his successful season, Ronaldo said, "This season was fantastic. I was the top scorer, even beating a young talent like Haaland. It's something to be proud of, especially considering I'll be turning 39 soon. I like proving people wrong, and criticism doesn't bother me. I'm happy with my decision to join Al Nasr."

Fans of the Portuguese hope that he will play at least three more seasons. The fact that he is 39 years old does not worry Ronaldo, considering that he trains hard every day and believes in his body.

While Ronaldo continues to score goals, he also stressed that retirement is on the horizon.

"I don't know exactly when I'll retire, to be honest. It will happen at some point soon, but by 'soon,' I mean within the next ten years. No, I'm just joking... I don't have a fixed plan; we'll see," - he concluded.

Neymar talks about Saudi Arabia championship

Brazilian football player Neymar had similar statements, just like Ronaldo. The Brazilian stressed that the level of football in Saudi Arabia is great, given that a large number of stars have arrived there.

"I assure you that football is the same there. The ball is round, there is a goal... Due to the names that arrived in Saudi Arabia, I am not sure that the league is weaker than Ligue 1 in France" - said Neymar

The experienced Brazilian explained why he still hasn't made his debut in the new club;

"I have to take care of myself, I know what I need to do in order to play. I'm not 100 percent ready. What George Jesus said was to protect me. I was supposed to play in the last game, I got hit in training and he decided to leave me out. But I came to play for the Brazilian national team".

Neymar is ready to help Al-Hilal achieve their goals. Although many are critical of Neymar and other football players, they firmly believe in this project and hope that in the future Saudi Arabia will create a championship in which the best football players in the world will play. Neymar also spoke about the new culture to which he is slowly getting used to. 

Neymar is looking forward to the future in his new club and hopes to do great things. Although his career has been marked by injuries, there is still optimism in him that he will return to the football field and realize his dreams.

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