Xavi threatened to pack the bags and leave the club under one condition

"In my first season, the objective was to finish in the top four; we came second."- Xavi said.

by Sead Dedovic
Xavi threatened to pack the bags and leave the club under one condition
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Xavi is under enormous pressure after losing in the Super Cup final to their biggest rival, Real Madrid. Looking at all that he has achieved so far in the club, many have the feeling that Xavi deserves to remain part of the team in the future and to create the Barcelona that we once had the opportunity to watch. During the press conference before the new Barcelona match, Xavi emphasized that he is ready to leave the club if he does not feel the support of the management and the fans. The former Barcelona midfielder is often under criticism, considering that Barcelona is a club from which the best is always expected. Xavi also mentioned winning La Liga last season, which is certainly a huge success.

"The day my players no longer follow me, I'll pack my bags and leave," Xavi said, as quoted by eurosport.com

"If I hadn't won La Liga last year I wouldn't be here. When someone tells me there's a problem, I'll leave."

Xavi believes that he has fulfilled the expectations that the management has set for him. Barcelona is not in a great financial situation after everything that happened in the previous seasons. Despite everything, the club ranks well and is at the very top. The goal of the current administration is to solve the problems that have accumulated over the years and to return Barcelona to its old glory. Many people miss watching the Barcelona that we once had the chance to watch.

"In my first season, the objective was to finish in the top four; we came second. Last year, it was to win LaLiga; we won it. This year, it is to win a trophy."

Losing to your biggest rival is always a difficult thing, especially if it's in the final. However, Xavi is aware that there are still many trophies to be won, and that Barcelona has the capacity for great things. It seems that the fans have less and less optimism from season to season, considering that Barcelona does not rank well in European competitions. The primary goal of the fans is to watch European Barcelona, which once dominated European football fields.

"We have lost the Super Cup and I apologised for the manner of the performance, but we still have three trophies to play for. If we don't meet objectives, I will be the first to go."

The Spanish manager, Xavi, acknowledged that when he came to Barcelona, he understood the team was facing its most difficult period in history. Despite the challenges, Xavi was determined to take on the task of assisting Barcelona in returning to its former glory. Being a former member of Barcelona, he is well-acquainted with the team's dynamics and the operations of top clubs like Barcelona.

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However, football fans believe that financial support is crucial for everyone, including Xavi. It's challenging to achieve amazing results and meet goals without adequate financial resources.

"Madrid were in our position last year and they turned things around and won the Copa. When I was in Qatar and Barca came to appoint me, they told me the club was in one of the worst moments in its history. We are revitalising [the club]."

Xavi on the difficulties

Xavi thinks that even though the team is facing difficulties, they're getting closer to success. He sees good things happening and progress being made, and he really believes that the team is close to reaching their goals.  It will take some time to understand how much Barcelona can do at this moment. It is hard to expect they will make a big success this season. Patience on the part of the fans is necessary, given that there has been a lot of 'broken' within the club for several years. Now it takes several years for such problems to be solved.

Xavi knows that people are pointing out things he could do better. He understands where he might be making mistakes and knows what he's supposed to do. This shows that he is aware of himself and is ready to fix any problems or learn from his mistakes.

Spanish expert says that he still loves and cares about the team just as much as he did when he started. Even though there are difficulties and people saying things, he hasn't lost his strong desire to help the team succeed. 

The fact that he is a child of Barcelona and a man who has played for this club for years speaks volumes for how important the club is to him, and that he is ready to do everything so that Barcelona once again causes fear in the opponents.