Ibrahimovic: "I am the one who brings gifts for each of my children - 27 of them."

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Ibrahimovic: "I am the one who brings gifts for each of my children - 27 of them."

Whoever said goodbye to 2019 and wished Milan to return to the top of Serie A, his wish was granted a year later. Coincidentally or not, as part of that wish or a combination of circumstances, on the way to the realization of such a scenario, the leader of the Rossoneri was Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a Swedish striker who, upon returning to the Italian club, showed that age is just a number.

After two half-seasons at San Siro, in a conversation with Gazeta, Ibrahimović referred to the period since his return with an interesting view on the issue of New Year's wishes. "I never ask for anything for the holidays because I am Santa Claus.

I am the one who brings gifts for each of my children - 27 of them. Two are in Sweden, and the other 25 are in Milan. We were very happy this year. We rarely lost." "I don't know if it's thanks to me, but I had a contribution for sure.

When I came last January, Milan was twelfth, they had already predicted our fate, they weren't very optimistic about us before they saw the results. Instead of predicted failures we are on the top and now we have to continue in the same rhythm ", Ibrahimovic said in his own style.

Milan as a leader

Milan has managed to establish continuity since the return of the Swede, and with great results after the 14th round, they are the leader of the championship on the Apennine Peninsula, while in the Europa League as the first place in Group H, they secured spring on the international scene and a meeting with the Red Star.

The successes aroused satisfaction in the goal scorer, and he does not hide that in the European capital of fashion he feels at home on his own, which is also noticeable from the approach on the field. "I played in many teams and I respect all my clubs.

I gained good memories, but Milan is a club where I feel at home. The first time I arrived, in 2010, I felt at home. With Galliani and Berlusconi, teammates, everyone who worked there, everything looked like a warm home."

I liked that I could be my own, and at the same time I was a player in one of the most important clubs. That's why Milan is a highlight for me. I have a lot of friends here, it will not be unusual for me to live there even when I stop playing "

The great games of the 39-year-old center forward are best illustrated by 11 goals in ten matches this season, which confirm that Zlatan did not lose the magic in his legs that he had during the previous two times in Milan.