Ivan Toney is honest: I want to go to a club where I will win trophies

"You can never predict when is the right time to move elsewhere."

by Sead Dedovic
Ivan Toney is honest: I want to go to a club where I will win trophies
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Last year, Ivan Toney attracted the interest of big clubs from England, but not only there. Many clubs around Europe were interested in Toney and wanted to offer huge money to Brentford to make Toney part of their team. However, after being banned for eight months in April for betting, Toney did not have the opportunity to change clubs. On Saturday, Ivan could return to the football field and play again for Brentford. It seems that his plans are somewhat different at this moment. Aware of how much other clubs are interested in him and how many more chances he will have to win trophies, Toney hopes to change clubs and go somewhere where he can win trophies. Several cubes are mentioned. Some of them are Arsenal, Manchester United as well as Chelsea. It will be interesting to see who can offer the most money, and where Toney sees his future. In an interview with the media, this great striker emphasized that he still does not know what will happen in the future, but his wish is to find a club where he will have a chance to win trophies.

"You can never predict when is the right time to move elsewhere, but I think it's obvious I want to play for a top club. Everybody wants to play for a top club, that is fighting for titles. Whether it's this January that is the right time for a club to come in and pay the right money, who knows?"- Toney told Sky Sports, as quoted by eurosport.com

At this moment, his biggest wish is to get back in shape and excel in English fields. After such a long break, many football players have a problem getting back in shape and getting back on the track they used to be on. Not much needs to be said about his qualities. In the previous few seasons, Toney has shown that he is a striker who can play for the biggest clubs in Europe.

Ivan Toney
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"But my main focus is to do what I do on the pitch, and let the background work take care of itself."

Currently the best striker on the English national team, but according to many the best striker in the world, Harry Kane has decided to change clubs this summer and play for Bayern Munich. Right from the start, you could feel how important Kane is for the German team and what kind of influence he has on the game. Toney hopes that he, too, will be one of the leaders of the game in some European giant. It is hard to expect that Toney could leave England, but such an option exists at the moment. Ivan is a player who wants to emulate the best, and Kane can certainly be a great example for him that it is necessary to find a club where you will have a chance to win trophies.

"To be the best, you have to play with the best and compete against the best. We all know Harry Kane is one of the best strikers in the world and he's been doing it for some years now."

Ivan Toney talks about his plans and ambitions

This young striker has great ambitions for the future and wants to be the No.1 striker of the English national team. For many, such an option does not seem realistic, especially when we know the qualities of Harry Kane, which we have already talked about. However, if you want to be the best version of yourself and do great things, it is necessary to emulate the best of these games.

"If I want to be England's No 1, then I have to compete against him. He's not a bad striker to be taking tips off and be training with."

The most important thing for him is to work hard and train as before, and the results will surely come.

"I just have to keep scoring goals, keep playing well and then who knows what could happen? If I just fall short, then hopefully I can become the second best in the world."

The lack of Ivan Toney could also be felt in Brentford's performances this season. When you're missing one player like Toney, it's really hard to expect your team to do great things. Brentford looked a lot better when Toney was there. However, the leaders of this club are aware that they do not have the financial power or a 'big name' like some clubs. Precisely because of this, they long ago accepted the fact that the moment will come when they will have to part with this great striker.