Solskjaer on Fernandes:"He's always there, supporting and encouraging his team-mates"

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Solskjaer on Fernandes:"He's always there, supporting and encouraging his team-mates"

There are few players who, immediately upon arriving at a big club, become a leader on the field, without noise, elbowing, but quietly, unobtrusively, with the authority of knowledge. And one of them is Bruno Fernandes, who upon his arrival at Manchester United immediately became a leader on the field, a player who dictates the game, scores goals, assists.

This season, too, his performance is impressive: in 22 games on all fronts, the Portuguese scored 14 goals, while he assisted in eight. In the last game with Leicester, Bruno was again the main man on the field, he assisted Rashford for the goal, and then he signed up as a scorer.

United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took off his hat. "He is definitely a player that impacts results," Solskjaer told reporters, as quoted by "He creates goals, scores goals, he takes risks, which every Man United player should be allowed to do, be brave enough to do.

He's definitely a brave boy who sees the pass and takes the moments."


The Portuguese is known for his specific passes and visions that others do not have. Sometimes those balls are specific and risky but that’s part of Fernandes ’game.

"Sometimes I tear my hair out and say there is an easier pass, but you can't take that away from Bruno. You want that 'X factor' So far no other player has had such a big impact as Bruno Fernandes. There is a change in the game when he is there, a change in the mentality of the whole team and it is only a matter of time before he becomes captain "He's got players in front making runs, getting the chances, so I'm very pleased with his influence this season – or a year he's been here now, for 11 months he's been great.

He's always there, supporting and encouraging his team-mates as well. "But that's also part of the team. When Bruno is that type of player, when he's got players in front of him who do make runs, do give him the opportunities to make those passes, that is not just down to Bruno.

"We have to remember he's come into a team that has helped him. We all have a role to play and he's playing his to the top of his ability." Manchester United are playing great this season and if Fernandes and other key players are at the same level United could finally win a trophy