Real Madrid wants to get rid of some players

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Real Madrid wants to get rid of some players

The title is celebrated, the hangover is slowly passing, it is time to put the dice together for next season. There is no room for relaxation in Madrid because regardless of the fact that Real will not bring sound beeps this summer, the Royal Club will be very active in the market since it has to sell.

And at an accelerated pace. After the conversation with Florentino Perez, the trophy expert Zinedine Zidane received guarantees that he will stay on the bench of the Madrid great, regardless of the outcome of the Champions League final.

It was a sign that Zizou can dedicate himself to what awaits him, that is, to clear his yard and get rid of some players. Madrid has so far earned 43,000,000 euros. These are revenues from Ashraf Hakimi (Inter, 40,000,000 euros, with the possibility of increasing to 45,000,000) and Havi Sanchez (Valladolid, 3,000,000).

However, that is only a small part of the cake that Real plans to enjoy this summer. As Marca analyzes in today's edition, Perez and Zidane made a budget so that by the beginning of October, when the market ends, at least another 180 million is expected from the sale of players.

Marca once again visits Luka Jović in that group ... In that way, Real wants to "purify" the team, cover the debts caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and, most importantly - to prepare the ground for next summer, when a decisive attack on Kylian Mbappe is expected.


The priority of all priorities is the departure of two guys who are reducing the budget with their salaries, and at the moment Zidane does not see them in the future. They are Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez.

So much has been said about them in recent months that something new is impossible to discover. During the season, Zidane tried to create the illusion of a good relationship with Bale, but Marca states that the real situation is completely different and that the Frenchman does not want a Welshman in the team next year.

LUKA JOVIĆ The information that comes from Spain and concerns the Serbian national team member is often contradictory. A few days ago, it was written that Zidane was ready to wait for him, today Marko states that Real listens a lot to offers and would not regret the expensive investment much ...

"Real believe that Jovic should be sold or sent on loan due to poor performance and eccentric behavior," Marca writes. "First Milan inquired, then Hertha, and now Monaco, on whose bench Niko Kovac sat, the man with whom Jovic exploded in the Eintracht jersey.

His price is still high due to his performance in the Bundesliga, but the return of 60,000,000 invested seems a lot. complicated "