Diego Maradona Junior: An investigation has been launched, my father was killed

The son of the legendary soccer player Maradona told the Italian television "Mediaset" that his father was killed

by Sededin Dedovic
Diego Maradona Junior: An investigation has been launched, my father was killed
© Chris McGrath / Getty Images

Diego Armando Maradona Junior, son of the late soccer legend Diego Maradona, has made explosive allegations surrounding his father's death in November 2020. In a recent interview with Italian television station "Mediaset", Maradona Junior stated that he believes his father was "killed" due to negligence and implicated unnamed individuals whom he believes are responsible.

"There is an open investigation. We, his children, believe in Argentine justice," Maradona Junior said. However, his faith was mixed with anger and frustration. "They killed my father," he said bluntly. "It's not my job to say who did it, I have my own idea, but I can't say that yet.

They left him to his fate when something could have been done. " These are the strong words of the son of a national hero, which further stir up passions on the already tragic circumstances of Maradona's death. While official investigations are still ongoing, Maradona Junior's claims require serious consideration.

His promise to "fight for justice until the last day of my life" will not leave indifferent even the coldest among us.

Four beautiful years

Maradona Junior's emotional interview also shed light on his personal relationship with his father.

Born in Naples in 1986 from Maradona's extramarital affair with Christiano Sinagra, he only reconnected with his father years later. Still, he cherishes the four years they spent together, describing it as "a beautiful father-son relationship." "I try to look at things from the positive side.

I fought for a long time with my mother and the whole family for the recognition of paternity and in the end I had the privilege of being close to him and having a normal father-son relationship. It was a beautiful four years," concluded Maradona Junior.

It is clear that Maradona Junior is grieving the loss of his father while also struggling with anger and doubt. His accusations hint at potential abuse or wrongdoing that may have contributed to Maradona's death, but without any other information we can only guess what he means.

His emotional outburst has rekindled public interest in the case, especially in Argentina. It is clear that Maradona's death will not simply be relegated to the past. The legacy of the legendary soccer player deserves clarity, and the fight for justice continues.