Ralf Rangnick reacts to Jadon Sancho's transfer to Borussia Dortmund

"He had his best time in Dortmund and, when he was healthy, he always played for me."

by Sead Dedovic
Ralf Rangnick reacts to Jadon Sancho's transfer to Borussia Dortmund
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Jadon Sancho disappointed many with his performances at Manchester United. This great English winger realized that it was necessary to change the club and try to regain his form playing for the team in which he excelled. Borussia Dortmund is the club where Sancho was at his peak. In those moments, the whole of Europe was interested in him, but he ultimately decided to find happiness at Manchester United. It turned out to be a bad decision. His relationship with Erik ten Hag was not good. However, the relationship with Ralf Rangnick was somewhat different, and in those moments he had greater trust. It was Ralf who spoke to the media about Sancho and his transfer to Dortmund.

‘He had his best time in Dortmund and, when he was healthy, he always played for me. However, he wasn’t as carefree as in Dortmund. '- Ralf said, as quoted by METRO

Rangnick believes that Sancho could have done much more in his career, at least when it comes to Manchester United. However, Sancho is still a young player with a great career ahead of him, and it is too early to say that he has destroyed his talent. This second part of the season will be an opportunity for him to fix things and think carefully about his future.

Ralf Rangnick and Jadon Sancho
Ralf Rangnick and Jadon Sancho© Alex Livesey / Getty Images Sport

‘But that was also due to the overall situation. When he was fit, he was set and did well under me. 

He no longer had a chance in Manchester. He now has to get back into a rhythm and really into shape in Dortmund. From his point of view, the change makes perfect sense.’

Rangnick emphasized that he had no problems with Sancho for a single moment. In fact, the two of them had a great cooperation, and Sancho was a player who was focused and committed to achieving great results.

‘In the six months I had him, there wasn’t a single discipline problem. 

On the contrary. He is a calm and pleasant guy.’

Edin Terzic and his impact

Many believe that Edin Terzic, the current coach of Borussia Dortmund, could be the key to Sancho reviving his career and recalling the best days. Terzic is someone who knows how to develop players, get them back on the winning track, and help them realize their potential. The two have had the opportunity to collaborate before, which will certainly be an important factor in the future.  Terzic knows well the qualities of this Englishman and how much he can do. It is Terzic who could use his leadership skills and be one of those who will bring Sancho back on the right path. Sancho had a difficult period at Manchester United, where he even had problems with depression. However, all that is now a part of the past. Now he will have a great chance to silence the critics and prove to everyone what he is worth.

Terzić shared that he and Jadon have formed a strong bond during their time working together, first as an assistant coach and later when Terzić became the head coach. They've kept in touch regularly, discussing Jadon's goals, needs, and expectations. Terzić, in turn, explained his own expectations and what the team can offer, expressing a willingness to give Jadon another chance to prove himself on the field.

Terzić emphasized that time is a crucial factor for both sides, making it clear that long discussions and negotiations are not possible. He specified that the team is willing to give Jadon a chance in football-related aspects, but there won't be any negotiation room for matters outside of football. Terzić ended by saying that if Jadon is willing to agree to the conditions set for football matters, he is open to thinking about giving him another chance with the team.

Borussia Dortmund is in a difficult situation and will have a very difficult task to finish in the TOP 4. Although last season they were in the fight for the title until the very end, this year the situation is much more difficult. Edin Terzic is aware that each of the players must give their best and make an effort for the team to achieve its goals and fulfill its ambitions in the coming period. Dortmund is a team that we know can do great things, even when many do not believe in them. Looking at the history of this club, the prestige and all the successes, it is certain that they have potential. The arrival of Jadon Sancho will be a big deal for everyone. The young Englishman will be an important player for Edin Terzic's team and maybe potentially one of the main players.

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