Nagelsmann: "Real Madrid wanted a meeting with me, I told them it doesn't make sense"

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Nagelsmann: "Real Madrid wanted a meeting with me, I told them it doesn't make sense"

Cristiano Ronaldo is in football what LeBron James is in basketball. One of the best in his sport, with a body that he brought to perfection with hard work. Numerous people from the world of football talked about what a professional Portuguese football player he is, and now the coach of RB Leipzig, Julian Nagelsman, has joined them.

Probably the most talented European football expert spoke about a number of interesting topics in an interview with Sport Bild. When asked which player he would like to train, he answered - Cristiano Ronaldo. And finally, after a few months, a confirmation arrived from him personally that he had an invitation from Real Madrid.

First topic - Ronaldo. "It would be interesting to work with Cristiano. Outside, you often see a person posting pictures of his yacht. But Sami Khedira told me about his professional approach to work, which is impressive.

He must be a beast in training, he comes first and leaves last. and he is a very pleasant person. An impressive blend, "the 33-year-old expert said. And indeed, the Portuguese is known as a tireless worker, who is constantly in training and that is noticed on the field.

He rarely gets injured and on the threshold of the age of 36, he is dominant in duels, unstoppable. Because of all that, he is one of the best in the world.

Nagelsmann would like to work with Ronaldo

Nagelsmann pointed out that he would like to work with the Juventus striker, and he also spoke about his career, Leipzig ...

The young expert is also known for rejecting Real Madrid, he thought at the moment when he received an offer from the royal club that he was not ready for such a career step, at least not yet. “It’s not that I just had a contract in front of me ready to sign, but Real wanted a meeting with me,” Nagelsmann said.

"I thought at the time that it didn't make much sense and that's what I said. If we had agreed, I would have had to start training in three weeks. I would hardly have been able to learn Spanish in such a short time.

It wouldn't have been good for me, not for Real Madrid " Nagelsmann began his coaching career in 2008, as an assistant to the Munich cadets in 1860 when he was only 21 years old. He became the first coach of Hoffenheim eight years later, and since last year he has been leading the "Bulls" from Saxony with great success.