Will Manchester United be active during the January transfer window?

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Will Manchester United be active during the January transfer window?

With great games in the last month and a half, Manchester United has launched almost to the very top of the Premier League, because with a game less, they are only five points less than Liverpool. After such a bad start to the season, those 1: 6 from Tottenham in the middle of Old Trafford and winning seven points after six rounds, no one believed that United could be among the more serious candidates for the Champions League, let alone be at the top of the English Championship table.

The question is how long that United bubble will be inflated, but as the series continues, appetites have grown, so there is more and more talk about whether and when Manchester United should buy this winter in order to strengthen the team and really become a serious contender for the championship title? No matter how crazy it sounded ...

On top of all that, with the victory over Everton at Goodison on Tuesday (2: 0), United secured a place in the semifinals of the League Cup, where the opponent will be their rival City, so the circle of obligations is growing, and the playing fund is still limited.

United's biggest pain is the central defender and the position of the right-wing. The club's first operative Ed Woodward is going through difficult moments in search of an adequate partner for captain Harry Maguire, who more and more often provides games not worthy of the most expensive paid defenders in the world, but also with the original right-wing, which used to cause serious problems.

"If a real player appeared on the market, who would make a difference, then I would like to see United in action during January because the team needs to better in some positions," analyzes Gary Neville, a Sky Sky expert consultant, and former captain.

United, then adds: "If the right player doesn't show up, you shouldn't panic, because the club has been trying to work better on the market in recent years than in an earlier period."

Poor defense

Victor Lindelof is currently the only defender when it is estimated that he can be compatible with Maguire, but despite that, United's defense is not so good and allows too many goals for the team that wants to be a candidate for the title.

United have conceded 21 goals so far, which is the highest among the eleven best-placed teams on the table, but it managed to cover the stormy defense with 28 goals in the opponent's net and only Liverpool with 36 and Chelsea with 29 goals have a better attacking performance in the entire league.

"What I can say is that Manchester United confuses me a lot. Two or three weeks ago, many thought that United was facing a difficult season. They were relegated from the Champions League, and in the first half against West Ham, the team looked very bad."

"And then you look at the game against Everton, where the glass was half full. Against Leeds, it looked brilliant. Six goals for Leeds, then nine changes against Everton, and they were all involved in the action. The fans were happy, everyone had a smile on their face and the team showed quality, "explains Neville.