If Pochettino comes to PSG, his first wish will be Eriksen

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If Pochettino comes to PSG, his first wish will be Eriksen

The change of coach in Paris Saint-Germain shocked many, but it also made some happy. One of those who could benefit greatly from the change on the bench of the Saints is Christian Eriksen. The Danish midfielder has been placed on the transfer list at Inter just a year after arriving from Tottenham.

He never managed to fit in as expected and to be good as he was in Tottenham. Or Antonio Conte could not use his talent ... Anyway, Eriksen is on the transfer list and will definitely leave in January, and one of the clubs that was mentioned as a possible destination is Paris Saint-Germain.

The Saints wanted him before, called him a year and a half ago, offered an even better contract, but he did not want to go to France and chose Inter. He repented and now he would probably accept the offer from Paris, and the change of coach suggests that Eriksen is even closer to Paris.

On the bench of the Saints comes Mauricio Pochettino to whom Eriksen was a key player at Tottenham. They had a great collaboration, Eriksen played the football of a lifetime with the Argentine and they could team up again at Princes Park.

French and Italian media report that one of Pochettino's first wishes will be to sing Eriksen.

Transfer price

Inter doesn't mind either and they hope that he will also get the maximum benefit. The Nerazzurri will not let Eriksen go for less than 25,000,000 euros, and they will probably ask for more at the beginning of the negotiations.

Inter hopes that PSG could agree to a swap deal in which they would send the Argentine midfielder Leandro Paredes, who is Conte's great wish, to Milan. Eriksen's form at Inter was not at the level it was supposed to be.

That is exactly why Eriksen and the management of Inter are dissatisfied. A player who was once one of the best in the English Premier League now cannot play in Inter's first team. A fact that certainly depresses Eriksen.

Pochetino is best aware of his qualities as they have spent a couple of seasons together where in most games Eriksen has been one of the key players. Now if Pochettino comes to PSG he will try to get his form back to Eriksen and try to win the Champions League with PSG.. It will be interesting to see both of them at PSG