Dele Alli is leaving Tottenham due to disagreements with Mourinho

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Dele Alli is leaving Tottenham due to disagreements with Mourinho

Tottenham players defeated Stoke in the quarterfinals of the Carabao Cup (3: 1), and thus continued the campaign for the trophy, which Jose Mourinho characterized as one of the main goals this season. However, the Portuguese was not satisfied after the triumph.

The Spurs had control of the game, and then one mistake by Dele Alli in the middle triggered a counterattack by the Potters, which led to a goal and a draw in Britain. The English national team player is on the sidelines at Tottenham this season.

In the past, Mourinho managed to wake him up, but since the start of the current game, Alli has only started five times (he was even changed twice at half time). It is obvious that there is a problem between the midfielder and the Portuguese expert, so it has been speculated for some time that the former MK Dons football player could change the environment in January.

PSG has shown serious interest. After a bad release against Stoke, it seems that parting with Tottenham is the only solution. "A player in that position should connect the lines and create, not create problems for his team," Mourinho said of Alli's mistake that led to Stoke's goal.

January transfer window

Shortly after the tie, the 24-year-old midfielder left the field, and as the January transfer window approaches, the question is whether we will see him again in the jersey of the team from north London.

"In that situation, a counterattack would objectively result in a goal and end up behind our defense. We didn't have a good balance because when you are in possession the defenders are widely placed and the second midfielder is in the second line, they caught us counterattacking and thus reversed the course of the game.

it was completely under our control, so I'm upset, "the Portuguese expert added. Dele Alli is therefore at the club's exit door, we will see if the Spurs will ask for a replacement in January, although it seems that they have already got used to him.

Mourinho also confirmed at the press conference that Gareth Bale suffered an injury, and that is why he was replaced at half time, even though he scored a goal. It is a matter of leaf injuries, it is not yet known to what extent, but it is assumed that it is not of a more serious nature and that the Welshman is prone to injuries as a precautionary measure taken out of the field.

Tottenham is expecting two more matches in the Premier League by the end of the year, first on Sunday (20.15) they will be guests at Molino's Wolverhampton team, and three days later they will meet Fulham.