Thomas Tuchel revealed details why he did not achieve better results at PSG

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Thomas Tuchel revealed details why he did not achieve better results at PSG

Six cups. Not the most valuable one. Thomas Tuchel won the trophy, conquered France, but he did nothing great in Europe and that is just one of the reasons why Paris Saint-Germain decided to replace him. Not the main one. After the sudden move of the club's management from the Princes' Park, new details about the breakup with the German expert are coming to light.

In Paris, they are convinced that the 47-year-old strategist resented his superiors during an interview for the German television Sport 1, saying that he did not like the ambiance in the club. When he doesn't like it - they sacked him "To be completely open, during the first six months at the club, I wondered if I was a coach or a politician in sports.

Maybe the Minister of Sports? Where is my role as a coach in such a club? I told myself that I wanted to work exclusively in the profession." "That's why I decided on a coaching job, it's my job, I can't imagine myself in any other position."

"Even where it is my obligation to spend half of my time on the field, and half sitting at the DVD player, making videos," Tuchel said

Tuchel was not satisfied

It means that in Paris Saint-Germain he did not only deal with the coaching job.

"I love football with all my being, I am fulfilled only in the role of a coach. Sometimes it's very easy. Sometimes, however, a big challenge. A club like Paris Saint-Germain has a large number of influential people who divert attention from team interest.

I only like football, and in a club like this, not everything is always just football. " Maybe not, but Tuchel didn't do anything special to improve PSG. Where he took it from Unai Emery, he left it there, although he had individuals like Neymar, Di Maria, Mbappe ...

"We have never received feedback that we have convinced people to recognize our games. It sometimes makes me sad, it annoys me. Over time, learn to deal with critical thinking. Learn to bite, to get out of self-pity. " "I did not say that I was more of a politician than an athlete, nor that I lost the will to train.

This is not true. Maybe they mistranslated my words. Watch the interview again. I just said that PSG is unique and that as such it is a big challenge for me. As he always was. I like that challenge, nothing has changed in that regard. "