Paul Scholes on Manchester United's main problem

"United have got real problems. Goalscoring is a real issue"- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Paul Scholes on Manchester United's main problem
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Paul Scholes commented on Manchester United's defeat by West Ham (2:0). Fans are disappointed and feel that it is necessary to make changes. Scholes put special emphasis on scoring goals, which is obviously a huge problem for Manchester United. Efficiency is currently not at a satisfactory level.

United have got real problems. Goalscoring is a real issue. It’s four games without a goal and without creating really. Second half I can’t think of a save that the goalkeeper has had to make,’ said Scholes, as quoted by METRO!

‘Sometimes you go through seasons where one or two of your forwards are struggling with confidence and can’t score goals but it’s every single one of them. You talk about McTominay with six goals as your leading goalscorer, he’s a midfield player. The forward players have got to stand up, find some confidence from somewhere and bring some threat to the team. There’s no threat in the team.'

Paul Scholes on his team

Although many believe that the main problem is the defense of this team, Scholes does not think so. This former United midfielder believes that it is necessary to work on efficiency.

‘You have to say it’s a very patched up team. I know young Mainoo made the mistake but I thought he was very good throughout the game, very controlled and playing above his years really. I thought the young centre half didn’t really have too much to do but goalscoring is a real problem, they’ve got to solve that somehow.'

Scholes believes that the coach cannot influence the scoring of goals, given that he is not the one who plays football. The strikers of this club are in a big crisis. The winter transfer window will be an opportunity to change some things within the team.

‘It sums it up. You spend a lot of money on players and you expect more from them. You had Marcus Rashford who was brilliant last year but again he can’t find the form or the net. The easiest thing to coach in football is defending and to get yourselves in shape. The hardest thing to coach in my opinion is to teach them how to score goals. You can’t get inside their heads, you can’t pass the ball for them, you can’t make decisions for them. That has to come from them. In the past that quality has been there but at this moment in time it’s seriously lacking.’

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