Man Utd, Man City, Atletico Madrid, PSG and many others do not want the Super League

The European Court of Justice ruled yesterday that UEFA and FIFA regulations, which prohibit clubs from joining the Super League, are illegal. Already today, many of the strongest teams have given their support to UEFA

by Sededin Dedovic
Man Utd, Man City, Atletico Madrid, PSG and many others do not want the Super League
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By deciding to declare UEFA's stance contrary to European competition rules and thereby practically defending the professional Super League, which some clubs still dream of, the European Court of Justice based in Luxembourg yesterday caused a storm of reactions on the Old Continent, not only in the soccer world but also in the financial sphere, and beyond.

"FIFA and UEFA rules on prior approval for inter-club soccer competitions, such as the Super League, violate EU law. They contradict the law of competition and the free provision of services," the European Court concluded.

English teams do not want the Super League

The Spanish teams managed to get an umbrella soccer federation in court, which means that they will be able to implement their European Super League project. Many teams have decided to deny claims by the Spanish media that they will join the new competition in the future, with Tottenham and Manchester City among those clubs.

Tottenham wrote in a statement that their position has not changed and they presented their reasons for staying. "Our position has not changed. We remain committed to the values of European soccer and will continue to work with our fellow clubs through the ECA and participate in UEFA competitions," Tottenham announced.

City, on the other hand, announced that they trust their colleagues so far and that they want to stay in the competition. "Our position has not changed since 2021 — we are out of the Super League. We remain committed to cooperation with our fellow clubs through the ECA and participation in the UEFA competition," City said.

Atletico Madrid and Manchester United

Some of the clubs from Spain reacted, such as Athletic from Madrid, but also Manchester United, who rejected the new proposal and remained committed to the current system. "Our position has not changed.

We remain fully committed to participation in UEFA competitions and positive cooperation with UEFA and the Premier League," they announced in Manchester. The Spanish club said the same. "The European soccer family does not want the Super League.

Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain (except Real Madrid and Barcelona) do not want the Super League. We stand for the protection of the big family of European soccer, the domestic leagues, and through them, the achievement of qualifications for European competitions on the field every season" – announced Atletico Madrid.

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