Carlo Ancelotti can be considered as the biggest surprise of this season

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Carlo Ancelotti can be considered as the biggest surprise of this season

With a smile on his face, on Saturday, December 21, 2019, Carlo Ancelotti stepped on Goodison and thus fulfilled the great wish of Everton's first man Farhad Moshiri. A British businessman of Iranian origin, since coming to the helm of Everton in February 2016, has been looking for a coach like Ancelotti.

Napoli's parting with Carlito was a chance that Moshiri did not want to miss, so he brought the famous Italian to the Caramel bench in the hope and belief that the club will bring what Ronald Koeman, Sam Allardyce, and Marco Silva failed to do.

On the first day after arriving in Merseyside, Ancelotti had a game without goals against Arsenal, on whose bench Mikel Arteta had just sat. The game of fate wanted him to play first and the last game vs Arsenal. Two days before the first anniversary, Ancelotti rounded off a phenomenal period at Everton with a win over Arsenal (2: 1) and a valuable lesson to a younger colleague.

The triumph against the London team at Goodison Park only continued with phenomenal results, and just before Arteta, Carlo had to lend a hand and admit that they have more to learn from him and Brandon Rogers and Frank Lampard.

The victories over Chelsea, Leicester, and Arsenal decorated the week in which Ancelotti finished his first year on the Caramel bench. Even today, when the Everton management makes the first serious cut and summarizes the performance of the Italians, the primary impression will be satisfaction, happiness because of the right choice, which is best depicted through the ironic parallel of Ancelotti and Arteta.

The Spaniard, who left a deep mark among the Caramels in his playing days, was an option for a place on the former team's bench, however, Arsenal overtook Everton after parting ways with Emery. Or he was quicker. However, the outcome in London contributed, at least in small part, to Moshiri turning to Ancelotti, giving him confidence and handing over the helm of the club, which at that time was in 15th place, with a hint of a struggle for survival.

Ancelotti and his experience

When the line is drawn and the previous year is looked at, there are no dissatisfied people, neither in Arsenal nor in Everton, but it is clear that the biggest winner, as it often happened in the past, is the team that has Carlito.

The experience from giants such as Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich, Ancelotti transferred to the blue side of Liverpool and from a club that fought to escape from the danger zone created a team that many football fans hope for today.

Hardened Italian strategists obviously have a recipe for England clubs, but the story of the race for the champion title is too long to be debated in December. Whatever the outcome of the further course of the championship, sufficient satisfaction for Everton fans is the fact that their club is at the very top of the table after a little more than a third of the race And how great Ancelotti's success is best illustrated by the fact that Everton had the best placement on Christmas in the 2004/05 season when they took third place