Lionel Messi like Pele!

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Lionel Messi like Pele!

Lionel Messi never ceases to amaze the world of sport. During the daymatch of the Spanish La Liga match against Valencia, the FC Barcelona star scored goal number 643 with the Blaugrana shirt. An important milestone for La Pulga which thus reaches Pelé as the number of goals scored with the same club.

Celebrating this latest feat of the Barcelona star is the Spanish club itself, through a cartoon depicting O ’Rey crowning the Flea and then congratulating him on the Camp Nou scoreboard, with an inscription that reads Messi = History.

Pelé, with a message entrusted to social media, Wrote: "When your heart overflows with love, it is difficult to change your path. Like you, I know what it means to love wearing the same shirt every day. Like you, I know there is no "It's nothing better than the place we feel at home.

Congratulations on your all-time record, Lionel. But most of all congratulations on your wonderful career at Barcelona. Stories like ours, of loving the same club for so long, unfortunately." they will be increasingly rare in football.

I admire you very much."

Juventus FC: the future with Paul Pogba and Erling Haaland?

Will Pogba return to Juve? Mino Raiola officially announce Paul Pogba's will to leave Manchester United.

He would like to return to Juventus, in that team where he gave the best of his career. In the meantime coronavirus has disrupted the world economy and also downsized the world of soccer. Pogba's contract will expire in 2022.

Also in Manchester, after the request to sell the player and the elimination from the Champions League with reduced income. The new technical project of Juventus FC manager Andrea Pirlo seems to not include Paulo Dybala. Can Dybala go to Manchester in exchange for Pogba? Dybala also has a market in Spain, especially for Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid, but he could leave Turon for Manchester, with Pogba who could come back in black-and-white.

Mino Raiola is also the procuraotor od Erling Haaland, young super star of BVB Borussia Dortmund. With Raiola, nothing is impossible and Juve would also fix after Ronaldo, whether he leaves next summer or in 2022, just with Halaand, real dream of Juventus.

In an interview with Italian newspaper Tuttosport, Haaland's father made very interesting statements about his son's future: "My son is the first Norwegian and the first Scandinavian. This aspect gives even more value to Erling's triumph.

We are all very proud. We had been talking about this award at home for two years. We did it! In 2018 Erling said to me: Dad, I want to win the Golden Boy. After last year's fourth place, behind Sancho, Havertz and to the winner João Fèlix, this time he managed to fulfill his wish.

Erling is very happy and very proud. He is very keen on this international recognition. unique in his style. I also struggle to make comparisons. Now Erling is very happy at Borussia Dortmund, but Erling loves challenges and in soccer you never know in advance what the future holds .

We'll see. Yes, it is true that we have already been to Turin before. Beautiful experience. We saw Juventus-Inter. I was struck by the atmosphere of the Allianz Stadium." Raiola said on Paul Pogba: "Paul at Manchester United is unhappy, he is no longer able to express himself as he would like and as expected of him.

He has to change team, he has to change the air. He has a contract that will expire in a year and a half, in 'summer of 2022, but I think the best solution for the parties is to sell to the next market. Otherwise the Old Trafford club, with which relations are excellent, knows well that it would risk losing it on a free transfer, given that for the moment it is not the player's intention to extend the contract.

If someone doesn't understand it, ergo they understand very little about football. In any case, let them blame me if Paul leaves next summer. " Juventus remains at the window for the two champions, to build a young and competitive future.