Ibrahimovic's son Maxi fell seriously ill, Zlatan ran away from the hospital in tears

In the book "I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic", authored by David Lagercrantz, the best Swedish soccer player of all time talked about the moment when all the money and influence did not help him

by Sededin Dedovic
Ibrahimovic's son Maxi fell seriously ill, Zlatan ran away from the hospital in tears
© Mario Carlini / Iguana Press / Getty Images

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of the world icons of soccer, reveals the vulnerable side of his life in David Lagercrantz's book "I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic", recounting the shocking family drama surrounding the birth of his son Maxi.

We are used to the strong, arrogant and temperamental Zlatan, and this is something that revealed his soft side to us. Despite the assumption that Ibrahimovic's life is luxurious, the story unfolds to reveal a challenging chapter where money and influence prove powerless.

Maxi, born a fighter, faced health problems that required immediate attention. "Everything was new with Maxi," shared Ibrahimovc, describing his son's struggle with weight gain and persistent vomiting. The soccer star sought comfort from family and friends as she struggled with uncertainty about the seriousness of Maxi's condition.

Emergency surgery

The seriousness of the situation hit Ibrahimovic when his wife Helena informed him about Maxi's need for urgent stomach surgery. The experience turned the self-confident athlete into a powerless father, unable to alleviate his son's suffering.

"I was powerless, I simply couldn't do anything. Maxi was getting weaker day by day, he was so small, you could see that he was made of skin and bones," Ibrahimovic recalled. As Maxi's health deteriorated, Ibrahimovic faced a moment of profound helplessness.

Balancing the impending birth of a new chapter in his professional life with an urgent family crisis, he expressed his love for his family but had to step aside for a while. "I love you both. You are everything to me. But I can't take this.

Call me for anything you need," he told Helen before leaving. The harrowing story takes a turn for the better as the operation proves successful, leaving Maxi with a scar but on his way to a healthy childhood. Looking back on the experience, Ibrahimovic noted: "Maxi still has the scar.

He feels as healthy as any kid his age, and I think about that a lot. It gives me a better outlook on life, honestly." Not long after, he and his wife had another son, Vincent.

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