Which footballers made the most money this year?

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Which footballers made the most money this year?

This 2020 will be remembered mainly for the coronavirus pandemic, lost lives, the new world economic crisis, reduced salaries, uncertainty, and job loss, but despite everything, there was no winter for top athletes. They may have collected a little less money in the calendar year than usual, but their wallets were certainly not left empty.

On the contrary. According to the prestigious Forbes magazine, on the latest list of the highest-paid football players for 2020, Lionel Messi finished the year at the top with about 103,000,000 euros collected! Cristiano Ronaldo finished in second place with about 95,000,000 European banknotes, while Neymar came in third with 78,000,000 euros in his bank account.

The biggest focus, however, is on Kylian Mbappe, who overtook the closest competition this year and climbed to fourth place with a profit of 34,000,000 euros. But let's go in order ... Messi had a difficult year behind him in terms of results, Barcelona was left without a trophy in the most important competitions, the club is in crisis, and he wanted to leave frustrated by the behavior of the former management headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu.

On top of all that, he was the spokesman of the majority of the locker room, who opposed the current reduction of salaries, which almost led Barcelona to ruin. After several weeks of tense negotiations, Barça and the players managed to agree on a reduction in income, but Messi was the loudest in not taking a single cent from the players.

Or at least to him, probably wanting to take revenge on the club in some way for all the events in the previous period, from hired bots who spit on the biggest stars of the team and the professional staff, to Bartomeu's convulsive fight to prevent the Argentine from leaving among other things...

Messi's earning

Messi has joined a select group of athletes who have taken over a billion euros in gross earnings in their careers. Since the moment when the new one-year contract was activated, he has received 75,000,000 European banknotes gross only from his salary, which is about 37,000,000 euros net.

The rest of almost 28,000,000 euros are bonuses and other sponsorship agreements for this year. Unlike his long-time biggest rival, Cristiano Ronaldo had a fairly quiet year in private and sports. He won the title of champion of Italy, continued to bomb the opponent's net, and enjoyed much greater peace inside the locker room.

And in 2020, Cristiano remained the most popular athlete in the world with over 457,000,000 followers on all social networks. His name is also used for various purposes, from the promotion of healthy living and nutrition, through branded clothing, wellness products, and shampoos, to being one of the main trademarks of Nike.

Of the 95,000,000 euros earned this year, 57,000,000 are from contracts, and 38,000,000 euros came from sponsors and advertisements ...