Jose Mourinho believes Hansi Flick deserved the Coach of the Year award

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Jose Mourinho believes Hansi Flick deserved the Coach of the Year award

A hug at the beginning - conflict at the end. Jose Mourinho had respect for Jurgen Klopp until Wednesday. At least in public. After the defeat in the derby at Anfield that respect had been lost First, the statement that he lost a better team, and then the call that the Liverpool strategist did not deserve the FIFA award intended for the best coach for the 2019/20 season since he believes that Hans Dieter Flick deserved it.

And he didn't, because it went into Klopp's hands. "The only chance for Flick is for Bayern to find two or three more new competitions to win. He may get a prize if he wins seven trophies in one season. Thus, he won only the Champions League, the Bundesliga, the German Cup, the German Super Cup, and the European Super Cup.

"Poor Flick," said Tottenham's chief of staff cynically. Good, old Jose Mourinho. This can be seen in the statements which explain that the views of fans and the public on modern football have changed to such an extent that everyone looks at the numbers, forgetting the essence.

And, as in the first, it seems that he is right in this case as well. "You like the word 'possession,' statistics. It's like the efficiency of a player, you sometimes say: "statistics show us that someone had a percentage of accurate passes of 92%", however, statistics do not say that the passes of that player were only two meters next to him.

Maybe it's a defender who mostly passed the ball to his colleague from the defense. " Reverse example: "A player with 65% of accurate passes may have set up a goal, sent the balls at the right time, those of 60 meters that change the course of the game.

Statistics are often like a quality piece of meat or fish, just poorly stored. At least it doesn't tell me much. Unlike the number of goals and opportunities. "

Recipe against Liverpool

This season, Mourinho's Tottenham defeated Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, leaving the ball to them.

He tried to apply the same recipe against the English champions, he was close to winning the point, he had a chance to win three, but in the end, he was defeated in the 90th minute and left the leading position to the Reds.

This raises the question of the commitment he wants to play. "It depends on the circumstances, the opponents, your players, and your weaknesses. I see that the lower leagues are trying to play as top teams, so they make unseen mistakes because they are not of sufficient quality.

That is wrong and believe me when I say that I know our weaknesses best. " Tottenham have a huge quality. They have risen since Mourinho led them, they are competitive for the top of the table, although some critical England media say that it is a consequence of Manchester City's stumble, Liverpool's unconvincingness, Arsenal's free fall, the impression that Chelsea did not put all the pieces ...