Mingueza and Araujo: The future of Barcelona's defensive line?

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Mingueza and Araujo: The future of Barcelona's defensive line?

Barcelona has been without good defensive players for a long time, especially the central two. Puyol, Rafa Marquez, and Pique were an indispensable part of the team and the opposing attackers were afraid when they saw Barcelona's defense.

Now, in recent years they have been trying to be succeeded by Mathieu, Mina, Vermaelen, Umtiti, Lenglet ... They are trying, but it is difficult for them. In search of the best solution for the stopper tandem, Ronald Koeman has changed six combinations this season alone.

It seems, however, that after the victory over the leading Real Sociedad, he managed to find a winning combination, which he could force in the following period. These are two 21-year-olds educated in Barca - Oscar Mingueza and Ronald Araujo.

However, Araujo arrived from Uruguay as a 19-year-old with already solid senior experience in his legs. They played together in Barcelona B, and a few days ago in the derby with the leading Real Sociedad, they were paired for the first time in the first team of the famous club.

Given the 2: 1 victory, they did a good job. They did not panic and make mistakes, and the guests' goal followed after a corner when several players could have reacted better. First of all, Pedri and Griezmann.

Koeman on the new tandem

"They are Barcelona's children.

They showed that they can play under pressure, they have quality and they have a beautiful future ahead of them," Koeman praised the young footballers and explained why he gave them a chance in such an important game, risking for the first time on the big stage.

performing together. "I completely trust them. There is competition for a place in the team, and I chose the two of them because of the quality and speed. I am very satisfied with how they work." If Mingueza and Araujo continue in the same rhythm, Barcelona could give up the return of their former child, Eric Garcia, who went to Manchester City in 2017 as a 16-year-old.

Guardiola does not give him too many opportunities to play this season, it was mentioned this summer that he could return to the Camp Nou, but Barcelona did not want to pay the required 20,000,000 euros for a player whose contract expires in June.

Surely, the City would lower the price now, but it may be too late now. If the new tandem of Barcelona proves to be good in the continuation of the season, there will be no need for Garcia and thus City will be at a loss.