Toni Kroos chose a new team?

Kroos is reportedly in talks with Juventus following news that Real might not extend his contract

by Sead Dedovic
Toni Kroos chose a new team?
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Last year, Casemiro joined Manchester United for 70 million euros and a hefty weekly salary of 300,000 pounds. It was great decision by Casemiro looking at his performances from the last season. After Real Madrid chose to retain Modrić and Kroos for another competitive year, the situation has shifted.

Modrić has lost his starting spot and seems destined to depart after a decade at the club. Modrić was the key player of Real Madrid for many years. Many are asking themselves who could replace a player like Modrić? Kroos might face a similar fate.

While Modrić eyes potential moves to MLS or Saudi Arabia, Kroos is reportedly in talks with Juventus following news that Real might not extend his contract. Juventus needs a player like Toni Kroos. For a few years now, Juventus has been plagued by problems regarding the midfield and the right creator.

Toni is a player who has great experience, but also qualities. Juventus fans believe that Kroos can play at the top level for a few more years.

Toni Kroos and his future: Juventus or?

Despite Kroos expressing a desire to conclude his career at Real, the club's stance remains uncertain due to his ongoing consistency issues.

The royal club also wants to focus on young players and build a new team that can achieve similar successes. The German was a key figure for Real Madrid for years, just like Modric. However, every era comes to an end. Juventus appears welcoming, offering a less demanding Serie A environment compared to La Liga.

Kroos, aiming to conclude his career at an elite level, awaits his next chapter, whether at Juventus or Real Madrid, which will unfold in the coming months. Many believe that Kroos will not stay in Real Madrid, given that he is a player who can provide a lot at this moment, but he does not get the chance to show it.

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