Jurgen Klopp on Mohammed Salah and the leaders inside the dressing room

"Probably the most natural leadership group we've ever had. It's with Virgil, Trent, Ali, Robbo and Mo."

by Sead Dedovic
Jurgen Klopp on Mohammed Salah and the leaders inside the dressing room
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Liverpool faces an interesting challenge against Crystal Palace this Saturday. Jurgen Klopp aims to capitalize on this opportunity, understanding that his team must perform at their peak to secure success. Mohamed Salah will undoubtedly play a crucial role in this season's pursuit of first place.

Recognizing Salah's significant contributions to the club over the years, Klopp had nothing but praise for his importance and dedication. "Mo's a sensationally thoughtful person and he's a really smart man," Klopp told TNT Sports, as quoted by eurosport.com!

"When we're together in the leadership group, his impact is massive and he sees all the aspects of the game and the team and it's a real joy to have him there to be honest.
We see the winger or striker who created his own position and doing incredible numbers and you could think that he's just interested in his numbers but not at all.

He's really interested in the processes - how to become the best possible team we can be.
He knows that only that will make us successful, so pure joy. We've known each other for long but we both learn a few aspects from each other and I know how lucky I am to have these boys around and especially Mo because you could be as good a manager as you want but if the players don't have the quality and the character, it's mission impossible.
I understand the situation 100% and Mo is a super important part of that."

Jurgen Klopp on the leaders

The German decided to talk about the leaders in the locker room.

Over the years, many experienced players left the team, while the younger ones had to take on a leadership role and thus help their team. Among them are Virgil van Dijk, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Mohammed Salah, and a few others.

They are crucial players for a positive atmosphere in the locker room. "Probably the most natural leadership group we've ever had. It's with Virgil, Trent, Ali, Robbo and Mo.
These are the most experienced players and these players when they are fit, they usually play and these players understand the club's DNA, have leadership skills in their DNA which is really important.
We meet from time to time and now I do it slightly different because we've known each other for so long, I involve them a little bit more than in the past but it wasn't necessary in the past because we had Hendo and Milly - the two strongest leaders I ever met in a football team so that was very natural as well."
Klopp, a coach who values leadership, has consistently emphasized its importance throughout his career.

He seeks individuals who can lead the team through challenging times. Currently, as mentioned, several players are fitting this role. Their experience and quality could be crucial in fighting for the title. "But these boys all stepped up, enjoyed the new role, feel the responsibility but don't take it as a burden and I think it gave everybody a little lift to be honest.They all stepped into their new role in a pretty impressive way and I'm really happy about that, it's what I expected after the years I know them but that it happened, it's still good to see."

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