LOSC Lille could get new owners?

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LOSC Lille could get new owners?

Three years ago, Lille was on the verge of relegation from Ligue 1, they were banned from buying players during the winter transfer window, they were shaken by the financial crisis, the club from Pierre Mauroy was in big trouble.

Today, they are first on the table of the French championship, last season we watched them in the Champions League, but it seems that they flew too high. According to the information of the reputable L'Equipe, they owe 123,000,000 euros and there is every chance that the club will be sold soon.

Majority owner Gerard Lopez met with the Eliot Foundation, the main financier of the French club, in order to find a solution to their difficult situation. The American foundation lent about 130,000,000 euros to Lille president, and the plan was to return the money to them, primarily from the sale of players.

Last summer, six players were on the transfer list, but in the end, only Victor Osimhen (Napoli) and Gabriel (Arsenal) left the club, although their departures earned 106,300,000 euros. The market has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it was recently revealed that Telefut is about to shut down, a strategic partner of League 1, which was supposed to pay 800,000,000 euros to participants in the elite rank of French football in the name of television rights.

Problems continued to accumulate, the deadline for repaying the debt to the Eliot group is August 2021, but it is now clear that Lopez will not collect the necessary money until next summer, so the whole situation can be solved in only two ways.

One is for Lopez to find an investor to repay Eliot's debt, or for the American foundation to convince the majority owner to resign and present Lille to interested buyers, who are reportedly already waiting ready. L'Equipe reports that Gerard Lopez finally decided to sell the club, and negotiations have already opened with former Rennes president Olivier Letang, who should take over his function at the club.

The two sides have already held a meeting, everything could be ready by the end of the evening, in the next 48 hours at the latest. So, Lille will be sold, and an official announcement has been prepared, in which it is stated that the sale will bring big changes in the structure of the club, a new budget will be presented and the debts will be repaid.

French media report that a Luxembourg company is behind everything.

Renato Sanchez

The arrival of the new president could bring great changes in the club, the French media report that the fate of Christophe Guettier on the bench of the team with Pierre Mouroy is not certain, although the French expert achieved notable results.

It is speculated that some players are still for sale, the first name on the list of players who are expected to make big money in the coming period is Renato Sanchez, who plays as a reborn in the Lille jersey. Once the most talented player in Europe and the winner of the Golden Boy award, he is again on the wish list of some of the biggest European clubs, and the last one was brought into contact with the Portuguese international, Liverpool because the Reds allegedly saw the former Bayern Munich player as an ideal replacement for Wijnaldum.

The Dutchman's contract with the English champions expires at the end of the season, and Ronald Korman's great wish is in Barcelona, ​​so his fate at the club is in great question.