UEFA Stands Firm: Champions League Final Remains in Europe, Rejects Abu Dhabi Rumors

The Spanish website "OK Diario" published the news that the UCL final will be in Abu Dhabi, and this misinformation was transmitted by numerous world media, now UEFA has denied it

by Sededin Dedovic
UEFA Stands Firm: Champions League Final Remains in Europe, Rejects Abu Dhabi Rumors
© Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

A few days ago, we wrote that the UEFA Champions League final would take place in the UAE, Abu Dhabi. The news resonated with the world media because it would be the first time in history that the roof house of European soccer organizes the UCL Final in the Middle East.

However, it turned out to be just misinformation, and UEFA rejected such claims. The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has strongly denied recent reports suggesting that the prestigious Champions League final will be played in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The claims, originally published by the Spanish website "OK Diario", state that "UEFA sold the final to the Arabs". In a swift rebuttal, UEFA dismissed the claims as baseless and pointed to the website's history of spreading inaccurate information.

They went on to point out that such misinformation has become more common as a key ruling by the European Court of Justice approaches on the proposed Super League by wealthy clubs. "It is a practice that is becoming more common as the decision of the European Court of Justice approaches in the case of the attempt to form a Super League," UEFA said in its official response.

Also, UEFA sent a clear message to all the media that reported on the claims of the media from Spain. They categorically denied any talks, and even the possibility of holding the Champions League final outside of Europe.

The UCL final remains in Europe

The Champions League final remains one of the most coveted events in the soccer calendar, attracting millions of viewers around the world.

The competition has historically been held within European borders, and UEFA's statement underlines its commitment to maintaining this tradition. With the Super League case looming large, UEFA's response indicates a desire to maintain a sense of stability and continuity within the European soccer landscape.

Moving the Champions League final outside of Europe would represent a significant shift, and UEFA's swift denial indicates their focus on preserving the competition's established identity and cultural significance. One thing remains clear: UEFA remains steadfast in its commitment to protecting the integrity and tradition of the Champions League, and the final will remain firmly rooted on European soil for the foreseeable future.

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