Nantes Fan Killed in Stabbing Ahead of French Championship Game


Nantes Fan Killed in Stabbing Ahead of French Championship Game
© Christian Kaspar-Bartke / Getty Images

A Nantes fan of the French Premier League was killed on Saturday in a clash with Nice fans ahead of a French championship match. A sad day for the league and the city of Nantes. The club announced that one of their supporters had been stabbed multiple times.

Doctors tried to help him, but they failed and he died anyway. It is worrying that there are more and more cases like this across Europe when it comes to soccer matches. The respected French sports newspaper "L'Équipe" writes that he was a member of the Loire Brigade, a notorious fan group that gathers the most ardent fans.

The club announced that the deceased fan was 31 years old and that he was stabbed from behind.

The investigation is ongoing

According to some media reports, the perpetrator first ran away before going to the police station at the end of the evening.

The hearings of the witnesses are ongoing and are expected to continue, according to the same source. The match ended with Nantes winning 1:0. Nice remained in second position, while Nantes is in eighth place in the Ligue 1 table.

The death of the fan shocked the French soccer community. Nantes called for a minute's silence before the next game and urged fans to refrain from violence.

Big rivalry between these two clubs

This is not the first time there has been violence between Nantes and Nice fans.

In 2016, a Nantes fan was killed in a clash with Nice fans in the French Cup final. The violence between Nantes and Nice fans is a sign of a wider problem of hooliganism in French soccer. In recent years, there have been numerous high-profile incidents of violence between fans of different clubs.

Some fans come to soccer matches just to be able to fight and get the necessary dose of adrenaline. French authorities have taken steps to curb hooliganism, but it remains a problem. We hope that such and similar cases will not be repeated, and that Europe will put an end to this problem.