Gomez could leave Atalanta due to his conflict with Gasperini

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Gomez could leave Atalanta due to his conflict with Gasperini

For years, it has been a favorite club of football romantics. The club that gave us Papu Gomez and Josip Iličić, who showed how much they really can in Bergamo. And a club that is having their best days led by Gian Piero Gasperini.

However, it seems that the idyll in Atalanta could not last forever. The locker room is cracked and it seems that captain Gomez is at the exit door. It's been rumored for a while. At first, all three of the above were involved in speculation, although Ilicic and Gasperini themselves denied that the Slovene was part of the problem.

But there are more and more reports that write about the strained relations between Gomez and Gasperini. Reportedly, there was a sharp conflict at the halftime of the match with Midtjylland, when Gasperini decided to take Gomez out of the game.

Against Fiorentina, the Argentine did not even enter the field. The well-informed Gianluca di Marcio openly announced that the relations between the two most important people in the locker room are so bad that they have crossed the line of reconciliation and that all this could result in the January sale of Gomez.

The local L’Eco di Bergamo reported that Gasperini even gave an ultimatum to the management: Me or Gomez! Gomez did not contribute to reducing tensions either. Today, he sent a message on social networks to the fans, which can also be interpreted as a farewell.

"Dear fans, I am writing to you here because I have no other means to defend myself and to address you. I just want to tell you, when I leave, you will find out the truth about everything. You know me well. You know who I am.

"Your captain loves you," Gomez wrote. Gasperini was a bit more eloquent after the match with Fiorentina. "We played nine games in Serie A, six in the Champions League, I think Gomez was the only one to play in all of them.

With this new system, however, we were stronger, so now we are trying other possibilities. I believe that it is absolutely necessary to change and evolve." " I know that because I stayed in most clubs for a long time, five years is a lot of time for a coach and it is necessary for us to progress ", said Gasperini, who instead of the 3-4-1-2 system started experimenting with the 3-4-2- formation

January transfer window

A specific question is whether Gomez will go in January.

"It is not about that. The club must choose, set goals for the team and the coach. We are not only talking about the results, but also the behavior and approach to the matches. We have to worry about the future so that we do not reverse.

If the coach is not synchronized with the Management, then it becomes a problem. " Back to Papu, what are we going to do with him? "Gomez has been our most important player in these five years, I have said that many times, he has hardly ever been out of the team.

However, in some situations, his role has become burdensome for the team. And the opponents are changing, they have learned how to neutralize us. And because of all that, we need trust and to listen to each other. " No one still knows where Papa Gomez could be, but there is already speculation that Milan and Lazio would bring him to cancel Hakan Chalganoglu, ie Luis Albert.

It is rumored that Paris Saint-Germain could attack, while clubs from Qatar and China would offer wealth. Gomez's salary in Bergamo is 2,000,000 euros net, the compensation would not amount to more than 10,000,000 euros, considering that Papu is already 33 years old.