Christine Sinclair Place: A Stadium in Canada Renamed in Honor of a Soccer Legend

Forty-year-old Sinclair scored 190 goals for Canada, won gold at the Olympics

by Sededin Dedovic
Christine Sinclair Place: A Stadium in Canada Renamed in Honor of a Soccer Legend
© Ira L. Black / Getty Images

In a big gesture of gratitude, the iconic BC Place stadium in Vancouver, British Columbia will temporarily change its name to "Christine Sinclair Place" for one night only on December 5, 2023. This special recognition coincides with the final game of the legendary soccer player Christine Sinclair, who announced her retirement from the Canadian national team.

Sinclair's illustrious career has been marked by outstanding achievements, including 190 goals for Canada, an Olympic gold medal and six World Cup appearances. Her unwavering dedication and exceptional talent made her a true sports icon, inspiring generations of aspiring athletes.

As Sinclair prepares to say goodbye to her international soccer career, Soccer Canada, along with the entire nation, wishes to express its deep gratitude for her tremendous contribution. The BC Place stadium renaming serves as a heartfelt symbol of recognition, honoring her extraordinary legacy and the indelible impact she has had on Canadian soccer.

Kristina's career will continue to live

Charmaine Crooks, President of Soccer Canada, eloquently expressed the significance of this honor: "Christina's career lives on and will live on despite all of her accomplishments on the field.

We think changing the name of the stadium for her final game is a fitting way to recognize all that she has done gave us a chance to celebrate her as a fan." To further enhance this special occasion, BC Place will be illuminated in the vibrant colors of the Canadian national flag, red and white, while the number 12, Sinclair's jersey number, will be prominently displayed.

These visuals will serve as a strong reminder of her dedication to the sport and her connection to Canadian soccer fans where she was beloved. In addition to the stadium transformation, Soccer Canada has planned a series of events to commemorate Sinclair's final game, ensuring her contribution is celebrated with the utmost respect and recognition.

As Sinclair embarks on the next chapter of her career, she leaves behind a legacy of patriotism and inspiration. Her dedication, talent and unwavering passion for soccer not only shaped the Canadian national team, but also ignited a passion for the sport among many young people to whom she was a role model.

Her name will forever be etched in the annals of Canadian soccer history, and the temporary renaming of BC Place Stadium is a testament to her lasting influence.