Man. United are the first in the EPL to reach 500 matches without conceding a goal

In the 13th round of the English football championship, Manchester United achieved the most convincing of its eight victories

by Sededin Dedovic
Man. United are the first in the EPL to reach 500 matches without conceding a goal
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Manchester United's recent win against Everton marked a remarkable milestone in the club's history. In the 13th round of the English football championship, the Red Devils secured a convincing 3-0 victory, not only extending their winning streak, but also achieving a remarkable defensive feat.

This match marked the club's 500th Premier League game without conceding a goal, a testament to their unwavering defensive prowess. The achievement is even more impressive given the competitive nature of the Premier League, where every match presents a challenge.

Manchester United's defensive record stands out against the other top clubs, with Chelsea (476), Liverpool (460), Arsenal (456) and Everton (361) trailing in terms of clean sheets.

Onana contributed significantly to this result

Andre Onana, the Cameroonian goalkeeper who joined the team this year, played a key role this season to improve this score.

Initially facing criticism for his performance, Onana silenced his doubters with his consistent and impressive saves. His contribution to the team's recent victories, including three clean sheets in a row, is undeniable. Throughout Premier League history, Manchester United have been blessed with exceptional goalkeepers, including David de Gea, Peter Schmeichel, Edwin van der Sar, Fabian Barthez, Roy Carroll, Tim Howard, Tomasz Kuszczak, Raymond van der Gove, Marko Bosnic and Anders.

Lindegord. Onana now adds his name to this list of distinguished goalkeepers. For many years, United defended the Spaniard David De Gea, who became a legend of the club and beloved fans, so it is not surprising that Onana is so jealous of him.

Hopefully he has bought the hearts of the fans with some good performances lately. Although the focus is often on the attacking prowess of a football team, Manchester United's defensive solidity has been key to their success.

Reaching 500 games in the Premier League without conceding a goal is a remarkable feat that underlines the greatness of this club on the world stage. As the season progresses, Manchester United's defensive resilience will undoubtedly be a key factor in their pursuit of silverware.

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