Manchester United wants to play in the Champions League

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Manchester United wants to play in the Champions League

Manchester United played a draw against West Ham. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team had no idea and they had a hard time finding their way to the goal. At the end of the first half, after Pogba's mistake, Antonio scored from the penalty spot.

“Going into half-time, we knew that’s not the result we wanted. A draw or a 1-0 win or 2-0 were more or less the same outcomes for us so then we had to consolidate. You can’t expect to go into games and score three or five to make it a different scenario on Sunday”.

-Ole Gunnar Solskajer said, as quoted by “They reacted well at half-time. We needed to go out in the second half and win it. It's another step forward for them and another time that we've come back. Bournemouth took the lead, Southampton took the lead, and now, so we're learning”.

Mason Grenwood scored a goal

In the second half, the Red Devils entered the game much better and equalized with a goal by young Greenwood who is getting better and better and looks set to be a big star in the future. “There'll be more games for him.

He'll score more and hopefully, we'll have five more games and I'm sure that if he plays five games he'll score more. You expect it from him, when he's in and around the box you expect him to hit the target.

One was blocked today by the defender, Ogbonna, and the other one he scored with, so we just have to keep teeing him up and giving him opportunities", Solskajer added ”With Mason, you know when he’s had a good sleep or he’s stayed up late [before training] playing on the PlayStation [laughs] as then he may not hit the ball as cleanly!

What he did today, he’s done it time and time again. Every time he finishes, you can see he’s an exceptional finisher. It’s no surprise when he hits the back of the net as he’s that good a finisher."

United has a good chance to secure a place in the Champions League. Fate will be decided by them. In the last round, they will play against Leicester City and everything is in their favor except defeat, although defeat could secure the Champions League, but only if Chelsea loses to Wolves.

“When we started after lockdown, we had to go for it. We had to go for it for goal difference and had to go for it with points. The effort has been fantastic, the results have been fantastic. Of course, we’d liked to have won against Southampton - when you concede in the last second and here today we’ve conceded at the end of the first half, but we’ve given ourselves a fantastic opportunity on Sunday”. , Solskjaer concluded.