Barcelona midfielder Gavi to undergo surgery for knee injury: Reactions


Barcelona midfielder Gavi to undergo surgery for knee injury: Reactions
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Barcelona's midfielder Gavi sustained a significant knee injury during Spain's 3-1 victory against Georgia in the Euro 2024 qualifying match. He tore his ACL and also suffered damage to his meniscus. In an official statement, Barcelona revealed what happened, and they did not forget to support their young player from whom great things are still expected.

"Tests carried out on Monday morning on the first team player Gavi have shown that he has a complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and an associated injury to the lateral meniscus," said Barcelona in a statement.

"The player will have surgery in the coming days after which a new medical update will be released."

De la Fuente reacts to Gavi's injury

The Spanish coach, De la Fuente, was shocked by what happened. Gavi was a key player on his team, and the fact that he will not play at the next EURO is certainly frustrating.

De la Fuente believes that this is an ugly part of football. “It is a very difficult moment for Gavi, Barcelona, the national team and for me,” he said.
“It seems as if we have lost the game. This is the ugly part of football, I am very sorry.

This is the most bitter victory I have ever experienced in my life." When you are a football player, it is difficult to predict whether such things will happen. Sometimes it is necessary to have luck in order to build a great career.

Situations like this show enough how important the factor of luck is. Barcelona fans hope that Gavi will fully recover and help them at least in the coming seasons. “He was hurt, sad; sometimes we feel invulnerable and that is not the case.
Football is a risky activity and sometimes we forget that. It was a misfortune, but Gavi was perfectly fit to play the game”.