Tim Sherwood blames Erik ten Hag for Marcus Rashford's poor form


Tim Sherwood blames Erik ten Hag for Marcus Rashford's poor form
Tim Sherwood blames Erik ten Hag for Marcus Rashford's poor form © Lewis Storey / Getty Images Sport

Marcus Rashford is far from his true form this season. Although the Englishman was the key player of Manchester United last year, things are completely different this season. Many believe that Erik ten Hag is the main culprit for the bad performances of Manchester United, but also for the poor performances of Marcus Rashford.

Tim Sherwood shares that opinion. When asked by the reporter that Rashford should also play at EURO next year, Sherwood said; ‘No, not a chance. And he can thank his manager for playing his way out of the England team, unfortunately.

I think if he was at Man City now he’s got all the attributes to be a world-class player and make the team.' - Sherwood said, as quoted by METRO.

Tim Sherwood on Marcus Rashford

Sherwood believes Rashford would play in the first XI if he was part of Manchester City.

On the other hand, Tim believes that Phil Foden and Jack Grealish must play for the England national team at the next EURO. In such a situation, it is unlikely that Marcus Rashford will have a place in the team. It will be interesting to follow the development of the situation.

Maybe Rashford will raise the quality of his game and manage to secure a place in the team. ‘I think there’s not going to be a turnaround between now and the end of the season, unfortunately. I think he can thank Ten Hag for that because it’s not been good enough.

For me, Jack Grealish has to be there, I’ve worked with Jack, I know what he’s like but for Phil Foden not to be in this starting line-up is criminal. Both of these players have to be in the team, we have to build teams around players with ability like this.’ It is difficult to secure a place in such a team where there are many stars. Rashford has to change something, that's clear.

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