Paolo Rossi died at 64 years-old

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Paolo Rossi died at 64 years-old

Paolo Rossi, the former world champion soccer player with Italy in 1982, died at 64 years-old. His wife Federica Cappelletti gave the news during the night on her Instagram profile. Dino Zoff, former Italian soccer legend said: "I found out five minutes ago, I'm so sorry.

I don't know what to say, it was bolt from the blue. We have always had a great relationship with Paolo, nice, intelligent. It has been a while since we didn't hear from each other, they told us something but I didn't think it was so serious.

The relations with him were wonderful, he was very nice. Intelligent, he had everything to be well. Something difficult to understand." Italian Serie A chairman said: "Paolo Rossi made us feel proud to be Italian, he was the hero of all of us.

Serie A mourns an immortal of our football, loved by the whole world. I send a heartfelt hug and the condolences of the Serie A League to all his family." Rossi was the Italian hero of the Spanish FIFA World Cup Spain 1982, with the three goals against Brazil, the two against Argentina in the semifinal and the goal in the final won against Germany for 3-1.

He played for Italian club Vicenza, Perugia, Juventus, Milan and Verona. With Juventus he won a Cup Winners Cup, a UEFA Champions League and a European Super Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo beat Lionel Messi!

Barcelona 0-3 Juventus: the Piemontese club defeated the Catalans 3-0 at the Camp Nou with a superb performance in the UEFA Champions League sixth and last daymatch. Juventus therefore won its group. Barcelona had not lost at home in the Champions League since 2013.

Ronaldo who returns to his area in the 81st minute to remove a ball from Messi gives the signal. Buffon holder and parante launches a new assault of the old Juve. The game is the best performance of Pirlo's Juventus in a big match this season, with the 3-4-1-2 becoming 4-4-2 defensive, with super Alex Sandro and Juan Cuadrado.

All eleven Juventus players play at a high level and at a high pace, the high pressing works and attacks, the exits from the bottom make the Catalan one jump. Ramsey and McKennie always find the right corridors to enter, Arthur played a great match, and also Alvaro Morata proved to be the best man of this Juventus season.

Ronaldo shoots after 8 minutes, leading; Danilo tries it from outside a minute later; at 13 'Juve is already ahead. Everything starts from a ball worked great on his own trocar by Ramsey: throw for Cuadrado, who finds Ronaldo in the area: on the contact between Araujo and the Portuguese the referee whistles a penalty, perhaps in a somewhat generous way.

Ronaldo converts centrally, finding his first goal against Messi in the Champions League. Juve find the 2-0 before Messi and his teammates manage to reach the shot once. It is 20 'and it is a great action, again started by Ramsey, continued by McKennie who opens on the right for Cuadrado: Ronaldo cuts, they follow him in two, Cuadrado crosses as he knows how to do, McKennie goes in half overturned for the 2-0 .

Lionel Messi starts to turn up and test Buffon's reflexes: he will do it three or four times during the match, always finding Gigi's hands to deflect. He will often do it alone, or leaning on Jordi Alba, while Griezmann is almost never seen.

In the end of the first half Juve is lowered, but also the defensive performance comes out: not only Bonucci and De Ligt, but also the increasingly convincing Danilo. Ronaldo returns, Morata lightens up with his escapes. At the beginning of the second half Juve brings many men back to the opposing area and after five minutes the pressure leads to the clear handball of Lenglet (for anticipate McKennie).

Ronaldo changes transformation of the penalty, crossing, not exultation: 14th goal at Camp Nou, the non-home stadium where he scored the most.