Cole Palmer: It was not an easy decision to join Chelsea


Cole Palmer: It was not an easy decision to join Chelsea
Cole Palmer: It was not an easy decision to join Chelsea © Eddie Keogh / Getty Images Sport

Cole Palmer surprised many when he decided to leave Manchester City and join Chelsea this summer. The fact that he will not have enough minutes at City influenced his decision. However, Palmer did not know if Chelsea was a good option for him.

‘It happened fast to be fair,’ said Palmer. ‘I spoke to someone at Chelsea and I was speaking to my dad, but I really didn’t know what to do. I was thinking about it for a couple of days, every minute of the day, and then I thought for my career I have to go and get regular game time.'

- he said, as quoted by METRO.

Cole Palmer and the pressure

Palmer felt a certain amount of pressure, given that many told him that there were many players at Chelsea. Still, Palmer was ready to fight and earn a spot on the team.

In the end, he succeeded. And not only that. Palmer showed that he is one of the key players of this team. ‘I did look at how many players were there, but I don’t think people realise how many players they actually got rid of as well.

So when I was going there, I heard people say: ‘Oh, there are so many players’ and stuff, and all this. But I looked at the squad and I thought: ‘If I go there and know what I can do, then I’ll have the chance of playing,’ and thankfully it’s happened.

It was a big move for me. I’d never been out of Manchester, not even on loan or anything like that, so to move down there on my own was a big thing.' Mauricio Pochettino is a coach who always believed in young players and gave them a chance.

Cole Palmer already knew that. That fact made his decision easier. From the first day of his coaching career, Pochettino placed the greatest focus on talented and young players who can help him achieve his goals. ‘A lot of people told me how he [Pochettino] is with young players and ever since I went to Chelsea I can see it, so I’m enjoying working with him and I’m excited to carry on working with him.

He has given me the confidence and licence to go where I want on the pitch, where I feel I can use my strengths, so I’m grateful for it. I am a player who always wants the ball, anywhere, to try and help the team get uut of a difficult situation or create a chance.’