Gareth Bale Offers Advice to Jude Bellingham Based on Personal Experience


Gareth Bale Offers Advice to Jude Bellingham Based on Personal Experience
Gareth Bale Offers Advice to Jude Bellingham Based on Personal Experience © Florencia Tan Jun/GettyImages

Gareth Bale spent nearly a decade at Real Madrid, though the journey turned tumultuous in his final seasons. Continuous clashes with the Spanish media accused him of lacking professionalism, overshadowing the initial success of his adventure.

As soon as he arrived at Real Madrid, it was clear that he could have a lot of problems. In a recent Sky TV broadcast, the former footballer extended advice to Jude Bellingham, Real's emerging star from Borussia Dortmund. Bale, 34, shared insights from his own missteps, urging Bellingham to navigate his Madrid career wisely for the best outcomes.

He is aware that he made many mistakes that led him in the opposite direction. He arrived from Tottenham as a big star and a leader of the new generation, but Bale did not live up to expectations. However, fans cannot forget his great goals, especially those in the Champions League final.

Gareth Bale on his time in Real Madrid

Reflecting on his time, Bale admitted he refrained from learning Spanish and avoided interviews, solely focusing on playing football. However, this strategy backfired, intensifying media scrutiny and criticism.

Addressing Bellingham's situation, Bale emphasized the importance of performing at Real Madrid's caliber while engaging with the press. He warned against becoming a pawn due to language barriers, stressing the significance of maintaining control on and off the field.

After this kind of advice, Bellingham could certainly change his mentality and dedicate himself to learning Spanish. Bellingham's initial success at Real Madrid has drawn admiration from journalists, having played 14 games, scoring 13 goals, and contributing three assists.

His stellar performance has thus far shielded him from negative media attention. Bale's tenure at Real, spanning from 2013 to 2022, included 258 matches, 106 goals, and 67 assists. Despite winning five Champions League titles, his final seasons were marred by minimal playtime and controversies, often linked to his golfing pursuits.

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