Ronaldo: I have never seen Messi as a rival

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Ronaldo: I have never seen Messi as a rival

Juventus was very well last night at the Camp Nou, Andrea Pirlo's team celebrated with 3: 0 in Catalonia, they won Group G, although, before the duel with Barcelona, it seemed that they would be second in the group. Barça defended 2-0 at home from Turin, Ronaldo Koeman's players did not manage to keep the advantage, they suffered another heavy defeat, so the Dutchman will have to roll up his sleeves, after a few months at the club he will face the first major crisis, which is somewhat caused by injuries as well.

Juventus, on the other hand, has shown that it is slowly catching up after a turbulent start with a new coach, winning one of the toughest away games in Europe will be a big wind in the back for the Bianconeri before the season continues.

Before the duel at the Camp Nou, the focus was on a new clash of great rivals, more than two years have passed since the last time Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi shared the field.

Nice relationship

In the first match of this season between the Spanish and Italian giants, the Portuguese national team player did not have the right to play because he was positive for the coronavirus.

Tonight's duel, the first since Ronaldo's transfer to Turin, absolutely belonged to the Portuguese, who with two goals (both from the penalty spot) was the biggest culprit for the Blaugrana's defeat. After the great triumph, he points out that he never saw Messi as a rival.

"I always had a nice relationship with him. As I said before, we have been sharing awards for 12, 13, 15 years. I have never seen him as a rival. He always gave his best for his team and I always gave my best for." "We have always had a good relationship.

I am sure he will say the same if you ask him. But we are aware that in football people are always looking for rivalries in order to create more excitement," said the Portuguese. The Argentine and the Portuguese have as many as 11 Golden Balls, they marked an entire era of world football, but lately, there have been various stories about them, after a few weaker games, the public began to create a picture their best days are gone.

Their career was at a special level compared to the rest of the football world. When Juventus achieves a couple of poor results, they immediately point the finger at Ronaldo, the media from the Apennines have already moved him from the club.

Barcelona has a mountain of problems, which are mainly caused by the incompetence of the administration, but when it's not good on the field, it is Messi's fault. It is not enough to say that this is far from the truth, and the 35-year-old Juventus striker is aware of that.

"Messi is the same as always. It is a difficult moment for Barcelona, ​​but it is still Barça. I am sure he will get out. All teams have bad series, but Barcelona is a very good team," Ronaldo explained briefly.