Recovering Strong: Neymar's Positive Response to Surgery Leaves Return Date Uncertain

Recovery from this type of injury can take eight to ten months

by Sededin Dedovic
Recovering Strong: Neymar's Positive Response to Surgery Leaves Return Date Uncertain
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Al Hilal's star player, Neymar, is making significant strides in his recovery following knee surgery, yet the timeline for his return to the soccer field remains uncertain. The Brazilian striker suffered a severe blow to his career when he tore the anterior cruciate ligaments and meniscus in his left knee during a match against Uruguay in a 2026 World Cup qualifier back in mid-October.

Recovering from such a complex injury typically spans a challenging period of eight to ten months, subject to rigorous rehabilitation and healing processes. Despite the ambiguity surrounding Neymar's comeback, the dedicated medical team is closely monitoring his progress, aiming to facilitate a safe and effective return to competitive play.

Dr. Rodrigo Lasmar, the physician overseeing Neymar's rehabilitation journey and a key figure in the Brazilian national team's medical staff, expressed optimism about the 31-year-old's commitment to regaining full fitness.

"From the first moment, he showed unwavering dedication to adhering to all our recommendations," remarked Lasmar, as conveyed by the BBC. This news pleased first of all the fans of his club but also the fans of the Brazilian national team.

Neymar is a true professional, and he will certainly carry out the entire rehabilitation treatment from the injury in the best possible way. Neymar, who made a high-profile move from Paris Saint-Germain to Al Hilal earlier in the summer, encountered a series of setbacks, limiting his appearances to just five games due to muscle injuries.

Despite the initial challenges in adapting to his new soccer environment, Neymar's determination to overcome these setbacks and make a lasting impact at Al Hilal has become increasingly evident. As Neymar navigates the intricate stages of rehabilitation, fans eagerly await his triumphant return to the pitch, hopeful that his renowned skills and flair will once again grace the soccer world.

The collaborative efforts between the player, medical team, and club management underscore the collective commitment to ensuring Neymar's full recovery and a successful resurgence in the vibrant world of soccer.