Alan Shearer believes that Erik ten Hag must change his attitude towards one player


Alan Shearer believes that Erik ten Hag must change his attitude towards one player
Alan Shearer believes that Erik ten Hag must change his attitude towards one player © Antony Jones / Getty Images Entertainment

Rasmus Hojlund has not scored a single goal in the Premier League this season. On the other hand, the Danish striker scored 5 goals in the Champions League. Alan Shearer commented on the performances of this Dane. Many believe that Hojlund has not lived up to expectations so far, including Shearer.

He believes United need a proven name at the moment. ‘Well he [Hojlund] hasn’t set Old Trafford alight yet, has he?’ Shearer said. ‘In terms of his performances, he’s certainly been better in Europe than he has been in the Premier League.'

Manchester United has huge problems with efficiency this season. We will see if the January transfer deadline will mean the engagement of a new player. ‘I like his movement, yes, he’s very raw. It’s probably an unfair situation to be putting him in.

Ideally, you’d like to drip-feed him in, put him in for one or two, bring him out, bring him on for half an hour, leave him out the next game. Ideally you’d like a big hitter, a big-name centre forward in that team rather than relying on him because clearly at the minute he’s not able to deliver that.'

Alan Shearer

Shearer still believes in Hojlund's qualities. He believes that there is no need to put pressure on such a young player. It takes a certain amount of time to adapt to the English style of football and the new environment.

Ex- Newcastle striker emphasized that United made mistakes by buying players this summer, who have not shown anything special so far. ‘There’s huge pressure on him because of the price tag, not his fault I know, but unfortunately that’s what happens, you’re judged particularly when you’re paying a lot of money for a player that’s going into one of, if not the biggest clubs in the world.

You’re expected to deliver, not next season, but they need him to deliver now, which is probably going to be too much on him. When you put all that together, it’s harsh on him. Other players have to stand up, the money that has been spent at that football club, even since Ten Hag has been there, it’s around £400 million, Antony, we’ve mentioned Marcus Rashford, Martial is still there, it’s not going to be a simple fix at Manchester United this season, I know they got into the top four, I know they won a trophy last season, I know they got to a cup final, but certainly their recruitment in the summer and what they’ve got at this moment in time, it’s not going to happen for them this season.’ Source: METRO

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