Real Madrid Talent Battles with Depression Amidst Injury Struggles


Real Madrid Talent Battles with Depression Amidst Injury Struggles
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Arda Guler, deemed one of the most talented players globally, is currently facing a streak of misfortune since joining Madrid. Persistent injury woes have prevented him from stringing together consecutive training sessions necessary for match readiness.

The anticipation for his debut heightened before the match against Braga in the Champions League, but a heartbreaking setback occurred as Guler suffered a muscle rupture during the warm-up. This young footballer arrived at Real Madrid as a big reinforcement, but unfortunately, his start is not promising.

The injury that caused the problem could spoil his plans. Now facing another month-long hiatus, Guler finds himself unable to train until then, causing the season to slip away gradually. The relentless series of setbacks has reportedly taken a toll on his mental well-being, plunging him into a deep state of depression, as indicated by the Spanish media.

Carlo Ancelotti

Real Madrid's coach, Carlo Ancelotti, shed light on Guler's situation, acknowledging the apparent frustration stemming from the recent injury setback. Ancelotti noted, "That last injury didn't seem serious, but he's having problems these days.

He's sad because he's young and he wants to play. Last year he had problems with the meniscus and had an operation. When you're recovering, muscle problems are possible." As Real Madrid gears up for its 13th-round La Liga match against Valencia, Guler, unfortunately, finds himself in a waiting game, his debut postponed once again unless further injuries disrupt his progress in the meantime.

The Turk can hope that the future holds some nicer stories for him. Looking at the past of this club and the arrival of players, it is hard to be optimistic. Eden Hazard, Kaka and others who arrived at this club and immediately got injured, did not achieve their goals. Guler is one of the greatest talents in the world, and Real Madrid fans are eagerly awaiting his return.

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