Ten Haag's Temperament: Varane's Bench Fate Today? Evans Is Injured

He's been linked to Cristiano Ronaldo's departure, recently sidelining Jadon Sancho, and rumors suggest a rift with Rafael Varane

by Sededin Dedovic
Ten Haag's Temperament: Varane's Bench Fate Today? Evans Is Injured
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Erik ten Haag's tenure in Manchester has been marked by a discernibly challenging temperament, a trait he has openly displayed on multiple occasions. The most notable instances include the contentious departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and the recent sidelining of Jadon Sancho.

Speculation is now rife about a potential discord between the manager and Rafael Varane, adding another layer of complexity to the team dynamics. The absence of the injured Lisandro Martinez has reshaped the defensive lineup, with Varane initially taking a backseat in the past weeks.

During this period, Harry Maguire and Johnny Evans formed the defensive partnership more frequently. However, an unfortunate twist of fate occurred as Evans succumbed to an injury, ruling him out until early December. This development has left Ten Haag with a crucial decision: whether to persist with Varane on the bench or to pair him with Maguire, potentially alongside Victor Lindelof.

Erik ten Haag commended Harry Maguire for his outstanding performances this year

In staunchly refuting the speculations about discord, Ten Haag clarified that the current dynamics are solely grounded in tactical considerations, emphasizing the team's evolving form.

Referencing the past season, he highlighted the interchangeability of Varane and Maguire in the lineup, underscoring the fluid nature of player roles. Ten Haag stressed that Maguire's consistent stellar performances are the primary determinant for his current starting role.

This resolute declaration aims to dispel any lingering doubts, framing the situation as a strategic choice rather than a reflection of any interpersonal tensions within the team. The upcoming matches will serve as a litmus test for Ten Haag's managerial prowess amid the team's uncertain landscape.

Varane's role, once seemingly in jeopardy, will be closely scrutinized. The outcomes will either quell the murmurs of discord, validating Ten Haag's claims, or exacerbate the perceived tensions. As the team grapples with injuries and tactical adjustments, the collective performance on the pitch will determine whether harmony prevails or if the rumored rift becomes an enduring narrative in Manchester.

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