Mino Raiola confirmed: Paul Pogba leaves Manchester United!

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Mino Raiola confirmed: Paul Pogba leaves Manchester United!

It has been a topic for a long time, and now it has been confirmed from a higher instance: Paul Pogba is leaving Manchester United! This was publicly announced by Pogba's powerful manager Mino Raiola. "I can say that it's over with Pogba and Manchester United," is the short statement of Pogba's agent Mino Raiola from the big interview for Tutosport In addition to details about Pogba, two other statements by Raiola from the big interview were leaked to the public earlier.

In the first, he says: "I'm working on shutting down FIFA," and in the second he said: "It would be smartest for Juventus to bring Zlatan Ibrahimovic this summer. He would be great in tandem with Ronaldo.

" However, the sentence about Pogba ignited the football public the most. The French midfielder returned to Manchester United in the summer of 2016 as the most expensive player in the club's history. As a teenager, he went from Manchester United to Juventus for 1,500,000 euros, after he waited for his contract to expire.

And four years later he returned in a transfer worth 105,000,000.

Pogba's price

"The transfer price is 105,000,000 euros plus 5,000,000 euros through bonuses if Manchester United extends his contract with Pogba or sells him for more than 50,000,000 euros to another club.

Our capital gain on Pogba when various expenses and percentages are deducted is then it was 95,000,000 euros, and after Raiola's commission of 27,000,000 euros, we have about 72,000,000 euros of net profit left on Pogba ", said the then Juventus director Giuseppe Marotta.

To this day, Pogba remains the most expensive footballer in the history of United and the Premier League. But he did not live up to expectations. In the first season, he scored five goals in 37 games, in the second nine in 51, and he entered into an open conflict with the coach Jose Mourinho, who punished him.

A small improvement was felt with the arrival of Solskjaer instead of the Portuguese, so Pogba scored 16 goals in 47 games in the third season of his contract. However, it soon became a problem with Solskjaer as well. Last season, he scored only one goal in 16 matches and struggled with injuries, and this season, as a starter, he played only six matches and scored one goal, and he came in from the bench seven times.

Solskjaer does not believe in him and gives a bigger chance to Fred, McTominay, Van de Beek, and even Matić. Pogba's contract at Old Trafford lasts until 2022, which means that next January or next summer is the best opportunity for the Red Devils to sell him and at least withdraw part of the invested funds.