Juan Mata hopes Leo Messi will not play for Manchester City

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Juan Mata hopes Leo Messi will not play for Manchester City

It is no longer a rumor or an assumption, now the world is buzzing about the fact that Lionel Messi has "already been seen" as a new Manchester City player since the summer. However, until everything is put on paper, and it is far from that, everyone except City fans hopes that Messi will turn somewhere else, that he will not end up at the Etihad.

One of them who hopes that the Argentine will not wear the sky blue jersey is Juan Mata, a Manchester United football player. An interesting statement was made by Juan Mata, who believes that Manchester United is a better option for Messi.

Certainly, he is not the only one who thinks like that. Every player would like to play with Messi together in the team. "I hope that will not happen, because of the better future of my club. I don't know what exactly is happening, but I hope that Messi will not end up in City.

If he already wants to go to Manchester, I would like it to be in my United, and not in another club ", admitted Mata.

Mata wouldn't like to see Messi in a rival team

It's not just a concern that City would get a great player, but Mata wouldn't like to see Messi in a rival team.

"I admit that I am sensitive to Messi, which is not difficult. He is a man who, whenever I watch him play, makes my life more beautiful. If I were to ask myself, every year I would give him a trophy for the best player in the world."

"I would give him the trophy for the best of all time because everything he has done in his career and what he still does today is amazing. I joke with my friends that whenever one of them has a bad day, I send him a video with his moves and the day gets better.

" But the Spaniard is also aware that this is a story in which he has no influence. Almost every transfer deadline there is a story about the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United. But that hasn't happened yet, and it looks like it will never happen.

"It is also rumored that Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Manchester United." "What I've learned in my career is not to be touched by things that you can't influence and to focus on the ones that you can," Juan Mata underlined.

We will hardly get the final answer whether Messi will be in City before the summer when the Argentine's contract with Barcelona expires.