Carlo Ancelotti's bizarre decision and statement after the match


Carlo Ancelotti's bizarre decision and statement after the match
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Real Madrid welcomed Rayo Vallecano in front of their passionate fans, and it was anticipated that the Galácticos, despite a few recent hiccups, would secure another victory. This optimism was fueled by the positive team atmosphere following their recent win in El Clásico against Barcelona.

However, the Royal Club didn't quite hit their stride in this match, even though they managed to create several excellent scoring opportunities. Rayo Vallecano somehow held their ground, leaving the Bernabéu with a valuable point.

One of the highlights for Real Madrid fans was the return of Luka Modrić to the starting lineup. The Croatian midfielder put on a commendable performance. However, the optimism took a hit as Ancelotti once again made an unexpected decision regarding the experienced midfielder.

During the first half, Ancelotti made several midfield changes, and surprisingly, it was Modrić who was the first to be substituted, despite his solid performance. It's clear that the seasoned 38-year-old was far from pleased with this decision, further cooling his relationship with Ancelotti.

Carlo Ancelotti's statement

What truly caught the public's attention was Ancelotti's post-match admission that he regretted taking Modrić out of the game and believed that no player deserved to be replaced. The substitutions ultimately failed to make a significant impact.

"Modrić had an excellent performance, and I concur that none of the players warranted being substituted as we were playing quite well. I was contemplating how to infuse some fresh energy into the team to break the deadlock, which is why I made those changes, but we fell short," Ancelotti expressed.

"We attempted 22 shots on the opponent's goal and couldn't find the net. Sometimes, despite all efforts, scoring goals remains elusive. That's the unpredictability of football." We will see how long Modric will be part of the Real Madrid team and whether he will soon change clubs. The fact is that he is in serious age and that he could continue his career somewhere else.

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