Cristiano Ronaldo's brother investigated for scam!

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Cristiano Ronaldo's brother investigated for scam!

Cristiano Ronaldo's 45-year-old brother, Hugo Dinarte Santos Aveiro, is being investigated for fraud, for having sold Juventus shirts with the brand CR7 Museum, which should have been destroyed. The Portuguese manages the merchandising of his brother.

The facts are clear: a company from Turin would have agreed with the company of CR7's brother a license for the production of t-shirts for 500 thousand euros. But then came a legal dispute with Juventus. Production was stopped and modified, with 13,000 shirts purchased by Ronaldo's brother's company for 4 euros to be sent to the pulp.

Only to discover that the shirts were sold. This happened just some days after Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo, against Dinamo Kiev, scores his 750 career goal. CR7 signs Juventus' 2-0 over Dinamo Kiev and reaches the prestigious goal, immediately celebrated on social media by Juventus fans and beyond.

Seven hundred and fifty goals arrived in four different leagues and with his national team. To be exact, divided as follows: 450 with Real Madrid, 118 with Manchester United, 102 with Portugal, 75 with Juventus and 5 with Sporting Lisbon.

There are also several ways to score: 509 inside the area, 129 from a penalty, 57 from a free-kick and 55 from outside the box. And 482 from the right, 136 from the left, 130 from the head plus two more. On his Intagram profile he wrote: "??? goals, ??? happy moments, ??? smiles in the faces of our supporters.

Thank you to all the players and coaches that helped me reach this amazing number, thank you to all my loyal opponents that made me work harder and harder everyday. But above all, thanks to my wonderful family, always present in my best and worst moments.

Next stop: ??? goals! Let’s go! Fino Alla Fine!"

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